Covert Vehicle Trackers/Bugs and all that.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vengeance, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Anyone know anything about covert vehicle trackers? If one had been fitted in a vehicle how hard would it be to detect, how big etc?

    Muchos thankos.

    Paranoid of Poole.

  2. She's sleeping with the guy next door, you were right.

    There we go, saved you some cash :D
  3. Worse than that. It's me I'm worried about...

    I wake up in some strange places... :D

    Seriously, what I meant is how can I search for one if one is fitted?
  4. Get yourself a bearded, bespectacled nerdy techno sidekick, he willl sweep all your vehicles for you with a device the size of a fag packet, it will have a flashing LED type thing on the top of it, it may beep
  5. If your worried about your missus, she was in the yachtsman on wednesday and yes I rode her hard
  6. watch last weeks gadget show, they did a review on them

    Linky poo
  7. I saw an outfit that did that. Likely cost a few bob.
  8. come on T G flashing was so yesterday. Todays fag packet device now vibrates. :roll:

    On a serious note, they can be as small as a key. :twisted:
  9. With great difficulty. You can get very small USB trackers (depending on battery size) that you can stash anywhere in a car, retrieve them after the journey then plug it into a pc. The little devil will map the journey that has been made and overlay it onto a map. It may also be able to fire off a gps signal thus providing the snooper with real time journey stats.

    Start inside the car including bootspace as a cheap device cannot be exposed to the elements so. Look for metal surfaces where a magnetic or self sticky thingy can be attached. Moving outside the car and were talking more expensive kit.

    Perform a bluetooth search in the car just in case it is bluetooth enabled - you may be lucky and detect an unknown device. If you have got a laptop you can fire up my old friend Backtrack3 which has a suite of sneaky bluetooth tools that can detect hidden bluetooth devices (hidden as in bluetooth disabled or visibility switched off. You may even strike lucky detecting something giving off a gps signal as well - the tools are all in Backtrack.

    Failing that - sell the motor and stop being paranoid.
  10. Best answer might be to drive the car into the sea - off a cliff or pier is best.

    The drop will rattle the electronics and sea water will quickly corrode what's left so that it doesn't transmit any more.

    hope this helps
  11. Or a Chinese bloke, I bought a load of DVD's from a Chinese bloke,and he reprogramed by DVD player to be region-less. Very tech savvy.
  12. Great stuff. I don't think money would be an object...

    Will be having a go with that kit.

    Cheers all.
  13. Don't be so paranoid,they're all out to get you,not just the ones you think are.
  14. For all questions about technical surveillance go to:

    If he don't know it, it not worth knowing.
  15. Some of our company Vehs have trackers fitted, can we find them or disable them? can we Fcuk.