Covert photography Part 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. I asked this question a while ago.But I am hoping that by now there are some advances in photography that will assist in my quest to share with you, the delights of Tit Monday in Hastings;
    a,without appearing to be a pervert
    b,without the rozzers asking me any awkward questions.
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Just sit back about a mile away

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  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Fell off a truck at SENTA
  4. What is this tit Monday in Hastings you talk of? Is it some sort of grab a granny night or what? Is it every Monday night? Can anyone go?

    This clip on thing may just be the thing you require.
    Mini Cam linky thingy

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  5. Get a job as a cctv op, If you're not a voyuer , you will be by the end of your 1st shift.
  6. I prefer to use one of these:

  7. Isn't that Skylab?

    If it is, you're not going to get much footage from the bottom of the Indian ocean :)
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  8. i've got one of these for work they're quite handy. if you have an iphone there is an app you can get that enables you to take piccies while you pretend to talk on it. it operates the camera on a timer.
  9. it is skylab. fair chunk splattered over the west Aussie desert. typical yank made shit....
  10. Strange work you do that requires you to have one of those. Is there porn involved? I have a similar one I got from Maplin, they are quite good.
  11. Was doing a job inside the CCTV control room in Bootle for Sefton MBC the lads couldnt wait to show us their use of cameras for other purposes. Shame they got caught a few years later watching a woman get undressed in a set of high rise flats over the water....doh
  12. Daft bastards, ways and means.

    Something similar happened in St.Helens. 2 lots of cameras monitored from 2 locations, but with repeater monitors in the police station. One lot monitored the town centre and the others at various points on several estates around town.
    The idiots monitoring the outer cams were perving big style through windows, forgetting every thing they could see was being shown at the police station.
    6 sacked If I remember right.
  13. you have to re-think the way you work so it's not obvious you are even taking pictures. For example, mount a discrete camera on a bike and just ride around taking snaps.

    More subtle than just shoving your lens in every clevage!