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covert photography on a blackberry

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Bouillabaisse, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    So, I'm sitting at Rome airport waiting on a 2 hour delay for my flight, drinking prosecco and contemplating cancelling the hire car and booking a cab at the other end so I can have another. And I'm bored. Anyway,

    I ave company issue blackberry. Not brilliant, but free, so I don't want to buy anything else. In the last 24 hours I've missed 2 cracking photo opportunities - the spectacular, jiggly chebs of a Dutch student on a train as I looked down on her in her wheelchair; and this morning a 5 foot he/she (I'm not sure if it was a woman or a woman who used to be a man) in Rome airport, with arms like a man's thighs and thighs like a man's trunk, wearing hotpants and a tight top. Not my thing particularly but I thought it might raise a laugh. But, I can't take phots with this phone because the makers have decided that it should click and whirr like a box brownie with a stutter. The cloggie's mates would have clogged me instantly if I'd been so obvious. Anyone know how to make it a silent camera?
  2. just checked my wife's. I don't think you can. sorry.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

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  4. Take the battery out.
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  5. It is designed into the device due to it being a legal requirement in some Asian countries. There are complex ways of removing it but you'd need to involve a geek of some sorts to do it. It would also invalidate any warranty on the device.

    Lately new devices sold in UK do not have this feature as a mandatory setting any longer.
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  6. You mean in a condascending way?
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  7. I'd be be fecked if my phone made a noise taking a pic, I'd be trampled by one of the Greggs scoffing Wildebeest that roam these here parts.
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  8. If you connect headphones or a Bluetooth headset, does the shutter sound still come out of the phone speaker?
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  9. Maybe stop being such a creepy little perv, and go about your business like a normal person?

    Also, if two glasses of pauper champagne send you over the drink driving limit following a 2 hour wait and a 3hour flight, maybe you should be taking pictures of men's arses instead?
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  10. Is that good? I don't see it myself. If that was a woman dressed to that extent I doubt it would raise my expectations. If she had her jebs on display maybe but a saggy set of jeans? Jarrod, you're weird :)
  11. Simply turn on the video recorder and attach the phone to your head using black nasty. Tell anybody who asks that it's a head torch that blokes our age need to compensate for failing eyesight.

    A quick nod of the head will then enable you to capture those chebs in full, high def jigglevision. An inadvertent trip will easily allow you to get some upskirt mementoes of your trip although, if you're in Italy, the pictures may all end up looking like Brian Blessed's passport photo.

    Edited to add .....

    If you can play the doddery old bugger act convincingly, your victim may even help you to your feet, giving you a chance to grab her arrse on the way up.
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  12. I was stood at a bar chatting with a gay mate and the barmaid, and they were comparing notes. They pretty much agreed on the order of who the attractive blokes in the pub were, but as a straight male, I was a bit bemused at some of their choices, and to my disgust, I was not on the list. I almost flounced out in a huff, but I still had half a Cosmopolitan left and it wasn't my round next.
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