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Covert Humint | SRR | Security | Northern Ireland

Had a quick shifty at the news before cocoa and bed and had to post a link here


Everyone gets both barrels it seems from guards without ammo to North Face types who protect 'sources' more than 'people'.
i find it strange that the guy in the article seems to rate convening a Service Inquiry as more important than gaining a conviction of the terrorists responsible. he doesn't seem to comprehend the concept of sub judice, nor accept that convening an inquiry would prejudice the trial.

anyway, happy for general responses about the article, so long as everyone confines their comments on the basis that the case is sub judice.

by the way - that's a really bone title for a thread... :roll:
To be honest, a visible minority of soldiers in NI will never take the sy threat seriously. Within days of the 2 sappers being murdered, it wasn't hard to find soldiers in uniform monging around carrying on like nothing had happened.

I'd suggest that seniors and older soldiers are struggling to impress upon the younger soldiers (who might have been toddlers when the GFA was signed) that the threat is real and never going away. How do you explain to a Commonwealth/Fijian/Ghurka/17 year old born in the UK that people used to obsessively conceal their connection to the Armed Forces, check under their cars and create cover stories for certain situations?
The title sums up everything that The Times talked about. Not really sure why people are getting a hard on over it. Bone = Useless. I think the title is extremely apt :D
REMFQuestions said:
The title sums up everything that The Times talked about. Not really sure why people are getting a hard on over it. Bone = Useless. I think the title is extremely apt :D
I've got an enormous hard on but still don't see why you could not have used the headline from the article rather than flagging up the thread for every Walt in a thousand miles! :?
I don't know what all the fuss is about, in a few weeks Mick smith or similar will have this all mapped ount in the news review as nothing more than a routine intelligence failure.

As to the unacceptable face of HUMINT: In another part of space and time, many, many light years away. Two FINCOS were say in a green hut about to tuck n to their morning sausage and egg soda.

With no regard for the human rights of colleagues, or the detainees down the yard, one renegade FINCO was seen to put mustard on his soda instead of Brown Sauce !
(according a recent allegation / denunciation made to the HIT)

Further allegations under investigation include that military personnel were complicit in one of two sausages being removed from prisioner's morning sodas by an RUC / Loyalist breakfast hit squad !!1

Only now can the truth be told!!

8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
OK, lets put this into context, our government is doing its best to downplay the very real threat of DR terrorism, the so called peace process is just a continuation of the usual spin.

A lot of very talented boyos have migrated to the DR's and the government is burying its head ostrich like in the sand to maintain the mirage of "Normalisation".

The threat is severe and growing worse with each passing day.
It's understandable that the parents of the murdered lads are inconsolable but I get the feeling they're being manipulated by the press and others who have an ulterior motive. They're blaming everyone except the murderers.

Those ads were murdered by Irish republican terrorists who did their homework. The civvy guards (presumably MGS or NISGS or similar) were caught by surprise and absolutely should have opened up. But they were obviously under a sustained attack which by its nature is designed to keep enemy heads down. They were very probably frightened and, at the end of the day, they messed up and never fired back.

Those who think that SRR, MI5, SB et al are the solution to everything and would haven prevented this attack are living in a dream world. It seems to have been a well-planned attack and had the element of surprise. Those poor lads, our brothers, are now dead but blaming the army and the PSNI is simply wrong. They should blame the terrorist scum who carried out the murders.
Agreed PD but actions which could and should be taken now are not being taken because of political decisions. There is a lot of int and evidence against a fair few of the players. Why aren't the PSNI nabbing them?
InVinoVeritas said:
There is a lot of int and evidence against a fair few of the players. Why aren't the PSNI nabbing them?
Like their forebarers in the RUC GC, PSNI probably realise nabbing them alone will not lead to conviction. There has to be 100% forensic evidence to get any sort of a chance of conviction with these scum, who probably have more realistic R2I training that our Head Office legal branch will permit.

As many a UN weapons inspector will tell you, Intelligence is not the same as evidence. simples !

PD: 100% spot on, the terrorists are the only ones to blame here
He's probably right... one more reason to invest less trust in the ability of the int network to defend you from the evil doers than your oppo squinting over the barrel of a belt fed life insurance policy.

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