Covers come off UK spy plane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone but...

    [c]BBC news
  2. Made by Airfix?
  3. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Where, where is it? I can't see anything other than wet tarmac
  4. Straight from the British government's (DIS)--Defense Industrial Strategy report/document:
    8O 8O 8O 8O

    Planning on getting rid of the rocket jockeys?

    Aviation now
  5. Now pay attention, 007...

    Oh My God. Where does the laccy band go?

    And how will the Cylons attack Battlestar Galactica without their fighter?
  6. Haven't we been here before about the need for manned aircraft?
  7. "Covers come off UK spy plane"

    I read the title of this thread and , for some reason, I assumed the covers had fallen off some part of it whilst it was in flight.

    My expectations are not high.
  8. Does it shoot things like the septic ones?
  9. I can't see the strings
    does it go in a pod like thunderbird 4?

  10. I am going to really cry now, the lovely electorate are going to make a big fcuck up again!!!! TSR2 anyone? (I know that has been well covered, but can't you just smell it! or indeed see the pattern!) I think that Mr Bliar has convinced his staff so to speak of a government (by that i mean political) victory out east! Maybe someone should recall the... Once upon a time there was a small country in the far east called Vietnam...................... need we go on!
  11. Made by British Aerospace? It'll probably break then!
  12. But we do build aircraft to last - look at the Harrier, supposed to go out of service, but sticking in there and still being upgraded!! I expect no one can look that far ahead after JSF has replaced harrier and then to look at the replacement to the JSF
  13. "current plans do not envisage the U.K. needing to design and build a future generation of manned, fast jet aircraft beyond these types,"

    - Is that because the RAF will have been scrapped by then? ;-)

    Or prehaps fuel will be so expensive by then that all we can stretch to is running a squadron of biplanes... They were up to the task of keeping 'Jonny Arab' in check in the twenties afterall.

    I'll get me coat.
  14. The DIS doesn't actually say that there'll be no more manned aircraft, bar the line cited by the Beeb (I think they may have misquoted it). The DIS says something to the effect of 'The Eurofighter and the JSF will be in service for years to come, and we shan't need to start thinking about what replaces them until long after Tony and Gordon are out of power.'
  15. Britain is great at two things:

    1. Making some of the best things
    2. Making some of the worst things

    Harrier - great
    SA80 - rubbish

    See the trend?