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Cover versions of records arent always crap!

There are so many cover versions of so many songs nowadays, probably in the hope that what was once a success, will prove to be again. It's got so bad that folks tend to dismiss any cover versions from the get-go, but that wasn't always the automatic case.

Take a song with the title “I Can’t Stop Loving You” from way back when that was an absolute Country and Western standard. This is the way it was sung then from a real C&W stalwart by the name of Jim Reeves. Lovely voice, lovely song:


And then that incredible musical genius Ray Charles got hold of it and turned it into this:


Anthony Newley wrote and recorded a song called "Who can I turn to".


It was also recorded by the marvellous Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett and Sammy Davies Jr.


The Stylistics had a huge hit in the 70s with a gorgeous song called “You Make Me Feel Brand New", and it wasn't until Micky Hucknall decided to air it that it again became a favourite all round, just with the difference that it was just the quite astonishing Micky Hucknall on vocals, and not the silky sounds of Arrion Love and the trademark falsetto of Russel Thompkins Jr.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyD5tAGBP9U (Don’t mind the karaoke lyrics)

And this is Micky Hucknall with the same song (singing live, I might add):


Talking about standards: there was a song written in the mid-Fifties called "Unchained Melody”. Generic singers like Jimmy Young recorded it and had hits. This was his version and pretty unremarkable for the times:


It was only when the Righteous Brothers (and Phil Spector) re-jigged it that it became a “real standard” and the benchmark for all other versions. This is it:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrK5u5W8afc&NR=1 (and just get the unbelievable falsetto highs that Bobby Hatfield reaches at the end!)

So! Is it fair to dismiss “standard songs” just because nobodies think they can record them and score cheap hits and make a bit of dosh, or are there infinite varieties of the same song and we should be happy that other folks are willing to experiment?

Rodrigo and Garbriella's version of Stairway to Heaven is pretty cool and I have always preferred Frank Sinatra's version of Girl from Ipanema to the original.


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Furryturd said:
The Stranglers version os Walk On By is damned fine and is the favourite version of the original writer of the song, Mr. BB himself.
FT - Can you reference that? I 'broke' the speakers in the car listening to the JJB intro and would like to make a point to the memsahib.

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