Cover up the Brazilian?

This one will probably be stamped on by the Mods, but here goes anyway.
It has been reported on ITV and 5 News that Special Branch officers involved in the JCM shooting altered a Log Sheet to make it look like they had told the Armed Response officers JCM was NOT a suspected terrorist. If true, it was a calculated attempt to shift the blame from the SB team onto the Armed Response.
I believe the News of the World broke the story last night. In todays issue, it also states that the officers who shot JCM have been told they will not face charges.
It's all over the Sky news channel as well.

The altering of a log book needs urgent investigation. the shooters are not facing prosecution for lack of evidence. You would think there was more evidence brought in than... say the para investigations, but this isn't even getting to court!!!
Oh, pity about the disapointment on my part, but from the title of the thread I was expecting a debate on the pros and cons of bikini bottoms :oops:
Plant-Pilot said:
Oh, pity about the disapointment on my part, but from the title of the thread I was expecting a debate on the pros and cons of bikini bottoms :oops:
Guilty as charged here, Your Honour. :oops:


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filthyphil said:
Plant-Pilot said:
Oh, pity about the disapointment on my part, but from the title of the thread I was expecting a debate on the pros and cons of bikini bottoms :oops:
Guilty as charged here, Your Honour. :oops:
Also mea culpa :oops:
FFS, if the police can't trust each other, how can they protect us?!
Apparently police log sheets can be updated/changed - but ONLY if the officer explains his reasons for doing so AND signs the changed log sheet. This did not happen in this case. According to one report, it was a very clumsy, amuater effort. Sounds like whoever is responsible found out a non-combatent had been shot and panicked.
With mates like that, who needs enemies?
Police have to be able to trust each other implicitley. Or we are all in big trouble.
I read the NOTW today and it mentioned something else from the IPCC report; police Armed Response teams were over-stretched. The armed officers who shot JCM had to rush to the Tube from another location, and this, the IPCC said, might have been a factor in the decision to shoot.
Either way, we seem to be talking about tw@ts.

It would be interesting to hear the view of our resident rozzers, but I know I'd be incandescent colleagues tried to stitch me up like that.

If this isn't true, just you watch the investigators now try and stack everything up aginst the members of SB involved. Looks like the search for a scapegoat has finally moved away from the shooters. They will do their damnest to try and make it all look like one or two inept coppers, rather than a widespread operational failure.
If true, it seems that the offending officer was another backstabbing, self serving tw at.

Unfortunately we have enough of those as it is...

Needs a good kicking, IMHO, speaking as a guardian of law and order...

There you go, one patrol type PC's opinion...

And yes, I thought it was about minges as well :twisted:
OK lads, My bad. I ment the title as a joke. i should have anticipated the reaction of the average Arrse-er.
The BBC just reported that the leak came from a "Whitehall source". This reminded me of an idea Daredevil put forward when he was Home Secretary; SB was to seperated from the rest of the police force. The various SB units around the country would be merged into one new organisation - basically a UK Homeland Security - and would report directly to the Home Sec.
Unsurprisingly, this proved about as popular as Celtic shirt in the Shankhill. The police, spooks(who saw the new organisation as competition)and civil liberties groups were less than impressed and the whole idea was quietly kicked into touch. Then Daredevil got caught with his pants down and everybody forgot about it.
However, if Whitehall Source can cause enough ill-feeling, the next time this idea is suggested the rest of the police may be inclined to tell SB to fcuk off since they don't trust them anymore. Which leaves the Home Sec. - and his boss - with their own private police force.
Maybe I'm being too cynical...oh sorry, I forgot; you can nnever be TOO cynical.
They will probably say that because JCM was an illegal immigrant, he should not have been where he was when he was shot, so it was his fault in the first place, and also his fault for looking like the terrorist they were after, and lastly, if he understood english, he woudl have understood the command to 'stop you bl*** ba******'. I suppose the 'specialist' who shot him had the shakes and only meant to fire a warning shot near him. Accidents do happen !!!!
Cui Bono; who profits from leaking this information?
1)Werewolf's theory that the information was leaked to drive a wedge between SB and the rest of the police, thereby making them easier to control, re-structure etc.
2)Someone in Whitehall has been shafted by SB in the past and now sees a chance for payback.
3)The Spooks want to weaken SB as potential competition and also direct attention away from their own failure to prevent 7/7. Especially in light of recent reports that MI5 had taped two of the bombers discussing "Jihad".
4)The government knows it has to provide a scapegoat, but does not want to see an Armed Response officer take the fall; too much chance of bad publicity if SO19 refuse to carry firearms. But most civilians don't know or care about SB.
5)The whole Whitehall Source is just smoke and mirrors by the journos to protect the real source - a serving police officer.

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