Cover up the Brazilian?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Werewolf, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. This one will probably be stamped on by the Mods, but here goes anyway.
    It has been reported on ITV and 5 News that Special Branch officers involved in the JCM shooting altered a Log Sheet to make it look like they had told the Armed Response officers JCM was NOT a suspected terrorist. If true, it was a calculated attempt to shift the blame from the SB team onto the Armed Response.
    I believe the News of the World broke the story last night. In todays issue, it also states that the officers who shot JCM have been told they will not face charges.
  2. It's all over the Sky news channel as well.

    The altering of a log book needs urgent investigation. the shooters are not facing prosecution for lack of evidence. You would think there was more evidence brought in than... say the para investigations, but this isn't even getting to court!!!
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  6. FFS, if the police can't trust each other, how can they protect us?!
    Apparently police log sheets can be updated/changed - but ONLY if the officer explains his reasons for doing so AND signs the changed log sheet. This did not happen in this case. According to one report, it was a very clumsy, amuater effort. Sounds like whoever is responsible found out a non-combatent had been shot and panicked.
    With mates like that, who needs enemies?
    Police have to be able to trust each other implicitley. Or we are all in big trouble.
    I read the NOTW today and it mentioned something else from the IPCC report; police Armed Response teams were over-stretched. The armed officers who shot JCM had to rush to the Tube from another location, and this, the IPCC said, might have been a factor in the decision to shoot.
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  10. OK guys - can we PLEASE pretend we're grown-ups and get back on Thread?
    All joking aside, this is a very important issue.
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  15. Either way, we seem to be talking about tw@ts.

    It would be interesting to hear the view of our resident rozzers, but I know I'd be incandescent colleagues tried to stitch me up like that.

    If this isn't true, just you watch the investigators now try and stack everything up aginst the members of SB involved. Looks like the search for a scapegoat has finally moved away from the shooters. They will do their damnest to try and make it all look like one or two inept coppers, rather than a widespread operational failure.