Cover-up of Olympic bid

Extarct from today's Sunday Telegraph 29/04/2007

'Cover-up' of £1bn hole in Britain's Olympic bid
By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter, Sunday Telegraph

The Government has been accused of covering up a £1 billion "black hole" in the finances for the London Olympic Games when Britain submitted its bid.

George Osborne accused Government and Mr Brown of 'trying to cover their tracks'. Ministerial aides were told by accountants - two months before the bid's submission and 10 months before the capital knew it had been chosen to host the Games - that the estimated bill for the Olympics of £3.4 billion was significantly short of the mark.

The consultants warned aides in September 2004 that the bill was going to be £1 billion more then expected, taking it to at least £4.4 billion. In the event, even that figure proved hopelessly overoptimistic, with the revised bill mushrooming by March this year to £9.35 billion - nearly four times the original £2.4 billion estimate.

As a French officer said to me when the IOC announced its decision on 6 July 2005, only a Frenchman would wish the Olympics on London. :)
not surprised with a "government" that relies on "spin" telling us it was always expected to be far more with the initial bid being an "estimate"
The "success" of winning the Olympics is a great metaphor for NA politics. The actual campaign was a masterpiece of spin and style. Lord Coe as figurehead, prime ministerial close supervision et cetera. Now we have to actually deliver, it all seems a little bit less exciting and various NA politicians are applying "distance and focus".

No surprises for the diligent observer of NA.
Getting selected for the Olympics is probably the worst thing to happen to this country, especially London, since the election in 1997 of the arch-spiv and liar Bliar. To this awful occurrence must be added the return of the 'Commie' Ken Livingstone, who is using the Olympics as an excuse to steal more and more money from us here in the capital.

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