Cover uk postcodes for BFPO Addresses

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by robthescot, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know what county we use with the new cover postcodes for BFPO Addresses.
  2. I don't even understand the question.
  3. Ok recently the uk post office has given each of the BFPO numbers a uk styled postcode, what the haven't done is give us a county to use with it, most Internet sites need a county to order things over the internet. Does that help
  4. Yes it helps and no I don't know........................................................or care!
  5. Why. Knob
  6. Please send a link to a site that requires a county!

    1st line of address and post code is normally enough, or am I missing the point?
  7. I'm going to tell on you for swearing.
  8. Nope, but I find that being helpful tends to confuse people.
  9. A few badly designed sites (usually smaller retailers) do insist on you entering a county or you can't complete the checkout. The website just wants that box filled, the actual information entered is very rarely checked for accuracy so normally you can just make up a County or repeat the name of the nearest postal town/city and carry on.

    You're correct though. As far as Royal Mail is concerned, all they need is the building number and post code - even the street name is not entirely necessarily. Royal Mail are in the process of removing the County data from the Postcode Address File as its completely unnecessary and many of the Counties used have long since ceased to exist!
  10. We have had our postcode database updated by La Poste using information supplies by Royal Mail. It would appear that the UK Postcode BF1 xxx has been allocated to all BFPO addresses. A complete list can be found here, from what we have been told by La Poste, regardless where the item of mail is being sent (anywhere in the world) it is routed through a central sorting facility in the UK. The BF1 xxx postcode tells the "central sorting facility" where to send the item.
  11. You just lost the moral high ground!

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  12. It is a good job I have learned how to click on Dale's hyper-link. Otherwise I would have had to wait 25 minutes for you to do it and add more unrelated garbage about the French postal system in your attempt to appear knowledgeable on yet another subject.

    Frankly Toyah,

    It is a Mysterwy to me, why you chose to do this on ARRSE.
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