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Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. You know what its like, your in a bar, you see a fit chick, you don't want her to know your a squaddie, so you spin her a yarn!

    So what is the best cover story you have ever used?

    The old classic line is the dolphin trainer sketch but come on guys you can do better than that :roll:
  2. Selling Burgers in my van on the A1 near Worksop, well it worked with some posh birds at Wimbledon one year.

    Even told them I was thinking about getting another, and pitching it on the A66 in Middlesboro buisness was so good!!!
  3. the_mentalist, you advised that poor Irish bloke to use the dolphin trainer story! You b*stard. ;)
  4. I know mate, that was my inspiration for this thread!
  5. Tell her your a Trainee Gynecologist!!! :twisted:
  6. Tried that to my peril, but that is a different story not for this forum. 8O
  7. International businessman, Sports coach.
    Easy to do.
    If all else fails tell her your off to Iraq as a human bomb defuser so a F*** would be greatlty appreciated.
  8. Tree surgeon - but I was in a suit and tie.
  9. Biscuit Designer. Always worked, tell em you invented products like the Boost Bar, or the Chunky Kit Kat. Mate, all women like chocolate.

    You'll be wearing her like a Mark VI Respirator in no time. 8)
  10. The posh bird had probably been dogging in clumber thats why it worked.
  11. In Calgary got myself a threesome with 2 of French Maids finest by telling them I played for Glasgow Rangers!
  12. you park neclear subs? ice brug welder? under water fire fighter? classics
  13. This is defo going to get you laid as you've just invented a whole new fuel for our sub fleet!
  14. yeah my thoughts exactly. It's as well you didn't chat the bird up online.
  15. Underwater digger driver, along with my mate the underwater welder, normally worked well, Seal Clubber normally got a slap though!