Covenant! what covenant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BiscuitsAB, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  2. err, once again the forces shafted by this Goverment !
  3. Fcuking pr1cks.

    Since when did having PTSD force you to break the war. I'm sick of see clowns like these getting caught for their wrongs and trying anything to get out of it.

    It detracts from the people who are really suffering.
  4. Tony Blair was and still is a civilian. He sends good men into illegal wars ignoring the advice of good military commanders. He keeps his own brood close to his chest whilst testing the battlefield with other peoples children.
    He will soon pack up his family into his armour plated people carrier and cruise off into the distance. He has lost nothing.

    He has been allowed to screw with our nations finest-like a gambler using someone elses money. He will go soon and as he drives over the horison-he will not be looking back. I heard Colonel Tim Collins state that senior military commanders had advised him not to get involved in Afghanistan-he ignored this advice. My question is why did nobody have the gonads to rein him in.

    When he does drive away expect the amount of trauma amongst our service personnel to significantly increase-'the leader has gone'-'we did all this for him'- 'this is his plan'- 'where the hell is he now'. He's gone on permanent leave-without a crease in his suit .
  5. I don't really agree with what you've said there, it does come across to me as a somewhat uneducated view.

    But this is ARRSE and you are more than entitled to that view.
  6. In the Independant today. . . .

  7. Everything I see on a daily basis tells me that the assertions in the Independent Article about service personnel not being treated adequately for PTSD are at best inaccurate. Just like the Times article above, it's easy to take individual cases with complicated circumstances and state that they show the whole picture.

    Most incredible of all for me is the uncritical support for someone who, whatever else he may have suffered, was convicted of an extremely serious offence that hardly seems to have been committed on the spur of the moment.
  8. hold on - he's in prison and clearly trying anything to get out on appeal.

    his two mates are in trouble having gone AWOL. one is long term sick - don't know anything about him so won't pass comment.

    this doesn't really sound to me like a genuine cause for the "recognise PTSD" brigade. i think it's the wrong bandwagon to jump on. he's in jail for smuggling weapons out of iraq for fucks sake! screw him. how does "trauma" equate to "let's see if i can get this pistol home"?

    leave him to try his legal tricks in peace, we don't need to give his sort any more publicity.
  9. Interesting, there's an article in the Daily Mail about Pte Challis, who is possibly the same Pte Challis (if you search his name here) who was discharged for drugs offences.

    PTSD and commiting a crime possibly linked? Who knows, not enought to base any ideas on a couple of cases, but if you were suffering from PTSD maybe you would do stuff that you would otherwise avoid.

    I don't like to kick anyone when they're down.