courts punish mothers while abuser father walks free

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fusilier50, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Apologies for the length of the following appeal for any advice you can offer. Ive spent the last 2 days trying to find some glimmer of hope for my family. this is just one avenue and some of you may be able to help point us in the right direction.

    one of my nieces turned 18 years old last year and went to the police accusing her father of prolonged sexual abuse dating from when she was 6 years old. she also alleged he had recently abused her shortly after her 18th birthday. police investigated and found conclusive proof he had recently sexually abused her.

    my sister had divorced this creature a few months earlier and an order banning any contact between him and their younger children was put into force.

    from the time of the police investigation and the court date he and other members of my nieces immediate family brought enormous pressure to bear on his victim and she basically lost her nerve at the last minute and didnt got to the court. He was found not guilty for lack of evidence but found guilty of one count of incest. he got 6 months suspended.

    he turned up at my sisters, his ex wifes, house and the house of their oldest daughter, herself a mother of two young children thereby breaking the court order banning him from contact with any of the younger children. this immediately meant he was sent down for the original 6 months and the case for breaking the order is now pending but will at best only warrant a 2 year sentence.

    however as he broke the order repeatedly and did so with my sister and her daughter the welsh social services have taken all of the children into care for their protection from this animal stating that their mothers were not protectiing them from him.

    i attended a family meeting on saturday with the welsh social workers responsible for the case. It was only at this point that i learned of what had been going on. my family felt it best that i wasnt informed as they were afraid of what i would do.

    The social worker started off by saying that irrespective of what we tried to do they were recommending all the children be kept in the care system and put up for adoption as their mothers had shown they could not protect them from their abuser.

    My questions were concerned with what was going to happen to the paedophile father. if he was sent down for a substantial period of time then my sister and her daughters children would be safe.

    I was appalled to discover the CPS is not going to be charging him with child abuse and he is not even going to be placed on a sex offenders register as he was not found guilty of the offence. he cannot be charged with the same offence apparently

    The family court,however, decided that he posed a significant danger to the youngest children and that their mothers had not shown they could protect them and ordered them taken into care. So where the Criminal court could do nothting the Family court found there was enough evidence that placed the children at significant risk.

    from what i can see my sister, her daughter and their 5 children are all being punished as this animal walks free to prey on someone elses children. If he was able to abuse his own child what is going to stop him doing worse?

    My family pulled together on this and offered to foster/adopt the children but the welsh social services have refused their petition. The family meeting was called to see what we as a family could do to offer support but the Sw had already told us that whatever we decided was pointless. how can we fight the social services? My sister and her daughter are as much victims in all this as my poor niece. The whole situation has traumatised my family who are in a no win situation.

    Members of our family are going to be broken up and adopted by strangers because of a child abuser who walks free whilst his victims are being punished.

    i really despair for the wellbeing of my sister and her daughter who have lost their children and for my niece who was bullied into keeping silent.

    My sister and her daughter were wrong not to contact the police immediately the worm tried to get contact but surely HE is the criminal NOT my sister and niece. Why should they pay for his appalling crimes?

    I agree wholeheartedly this excuse for a man should never see his children ever again but why take them away from their mothers?

    what can we do? we are only the little people facing the might of the institution of the social services. we cant possibly win here. Can we?
  2. Get your MP involved ASAP, I would suggest your local rag too.
  3. get your local MP on side,have you spoken to citizens advice? Sorry I cant offer anymore,hope it all gets sorted for you and your family.
  4. As regards to getting them out of care and becoming a friends and family foster carer this is possible.

    It was along fight but I got there in the end and my granddaughters mother is allowed no contact due to the abuse she inflicked on her.

    I had alot of help from the family rights group, can only help family and friends carers and not the mother I am afraid.

    Social workers do have to look at extended family though even in bad circumstances as they like to keep them with family where possible.

    I get full fostering allowance too.
  5. we are a very large family and 2 of my other sisters have offered to foster the children and abide by whatever restrictions are placed upon them down to and including restricting access to their mothers.

    the social services have said both are unacceptable despite both being experienced parents and both having grown up children. Both have or can make the room to take all the children. It seems to me that they have already made their decision and its final.

    i still cant believe my sister and her daughter are being punished worse than the animal that abused his own daughter.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Little help i can offer other than support mate. My family has had poor experience of welsh social services. Without going into details, my parents-in-law basically went to war on them via the courts, demonstrating where they had broken guidelines, laws and common sense. They ended up vindicated and triumphant, family together and the two social workers quit before they were fired.
    Basicall,y keep your chin up, you can win. Try every avenue, MP, press, citizens advice bureau.

    Good luck
  7. Get them to a bloody good Family Law specialist straight away (they may all need separate representation). And even though you might feel like it, don't go to the press unless you absolutely have no other avenue to go down.

    Good luck. It sounds like it's going to be an emotional and possibly lengthy scrap.
  8. Agreed no press,social services will never back you then.

    Phone the family rights group,he is a family solicitor who runs the sight.

    It will not be up to social workers where the children go but you need to suck up to them....Its the way it is.

    My son was in germany when she was taken into care and we had to move fast I went to a solicitor and used the free half hour they give.

    They cant just say no though,its up to the courts and I can tell you the childrens guardian will have the final say really.The judge listens to him/her more than social workers.

    14 months it took me to get her,so nothing will be done quick.
  9. The Telegraph has often covered similar stories - there was an implication that local authorities were using cases such as this to get their adoption figures up and hit government targets.

    I suggest you have a trawl of their site and see if you can find the journo(s) who cover this subject and drop them an email.
  10. can anyone explain to me why the family courts have sufficient evidence to label this individual as a danger to children but the criminal courts dismiss any action against him for "lack" of evidence.

    the family courts have enough evidence of his actions to justify the removal of the children for their own protection but hes not being charged.

    i do not understand. this lowlife needs to be behind bars in an open prison population preferably.
  11. At a guess I would say it has to do in the criminal courts standards of "beyond reasonable doubt", and the family court standard of "on the balance of probability".