Courts Martial

Just wondering who else has been the main player, as in guilty/not guilty b*stard at a courts martial.

I was a guilty b*stard by the way :)
Boys - are you going to write something interesting?

I am normally the bird at the back with the paperwork, shaking my head saying "Thats bollocks", by the way.

69 covers a lot of stuff. Give us a clue!!!!!!
What....out of 4800 odd members only 2 of us are guilty b*stards....f*cking bunch of nancy boys :wink:

FBW, looks like the Courts martial club is low on membership :)
Correct me if I'm wrong but as a SUS were you given the option of accepting the CO's award or opting for a Courts Martial...........what with the Razzman screaming down my ear and the Adj appearing to be having a DVT in his head I tended to opt for the CO's award........2 and 8.........28........march him out.

Section 69(c) three..........or was it four times, I can't remember.....I know they stuck it all on the end of my time in. :lol:
Been there also ( in the court)..... I was one one the 3/5 people at the front listening to the pathetic whinging drivel being spouted by the guilty b@stards and having to decide on a sentence.

We already knew the 'defendant' was guilty anyway!! 8O

You're ALL guilty....... :twisted:

especially FBW. I could bang him in the jail then rrbitch and me could live happily ever after :wink:

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