Courts Martial

Just reading listings on sentencing, can anybody please explain this punishment?

30 days Service Supervision and Punishment Order consecutive on each charge, making a total of 60 days
60 days reckonable service deducted? No LSGC medal? Affect the pension/lump sum?
Ouch, always thought 14 days ROPS was the longest, then you start serving nick time.
Also involves forfeiture of 1/6 gross pay. I have seen 90 days awarded by a CO.
Also involves forfeiture of 1/6 gross pay. I have seen 90 days awarded by a CO.
Not that they will miss the drop in pay, if rippers is still parading at 6,8 & 10 ( and 12 if the OO is a b@£@rd ) at night then he won't be out on the lash for the next two months!!!!!!!!
Interesting bit here in that the way I read it, unless the "ROP" has been told what to do by either Captain or Staffy, he doesn't have to carry out the task.

Been out 17 years, so not sure if I have read this correctly. Would be interested in comments on my interpretation by those currently in the job.

Management of an SSPO 4.—(
1) Subject to paragraph (a) of regulation 3, where an SSPO imposes a requirement under that paragraph, the offender’s commanding officer shall decide, in respect of each day during which the SSPO is in force, what extra duties the offender shall perform pursuant to that requirement, for how long, and when, and he shall inform the offender accordingly.
(2) The offender’s commanding officer may delegate any of his functions of granting permission under regulation 3 to an officer of or above the rank of naval lieutenant, military or marine captain or flight lieutenant.
(3) The offender’s commanding officer may delegate his functions under paragraph (1) to a person of or above the rank or rate of chief petty officer, marine colour sergeant, military staff sergeant or flight sergeant.
Can just see everyone point out this "Arrse" as the new Fill ur boots, for getting out of ROP's....

Guys check this link out ......

Across the Military land ROP's sitting on their laurels, waiting for their next Orders and point out the regs to the CO !

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