Courts Double Standards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Considering the 2 rug munchers were let off for their pupil/teacher love in, I think it is a bit off jailing the bint because she got shagged by one of her pupils.


    And if I was 15 again I would let her gobble me senseless.
  2. Det Sgt Dave Moores said: "Martin's actions will leave emotional scars on her victim ".

    BolLox it will, he wasn't Raped ffs. Shes not a bad looking bird and at 15 I'll bet he didn't take much pursuading either. I'm sure all his mates will have known he was "Tapping that Ass".
  3. The victim will have emotional scars?
    Is he gonna get cramp from grinning from ear to ear or something?
  4. Erm have 15 year old boys somehow changed since I was one? Getting gobbed off by a teacher TEN TIMEs in 7 days wouldn't have left emotional scars, it would have been ammo for the wank bank....

    I sense the DS needs to man up.

  5. Her neck is the same width as her head, which admittedly is not a massive disability.

    "Martin's actions will leave emotional scars on her victim and his family and have also impacted on the wider community"

    Not sure about this statement, in particular the part about the emotional scarring suffered by the 'victim'....Yeah, sure. This lad will now be a legend in school. He will be worshipped as a God by the spotty and permanantly horny fraternity. The only scarring he is likely to suffer is if the friction burn to his hand and shaft get too much as he masturbates furiously at the memories of nailing his teacher.

    Edited to add: Yep, seems I'm not the the only one thinking that.
  6. What gets me is why did he tell his Mum, definitely not a good move unless he was trying to make her jealous
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  8. You mean the female teacher who was jailed 2 months ago for her affair with a female pupil?
  9. You mean this one Link where she had to serve only half a 15 month sentence & didn't have to sign on the sex offenders register. My mistake, still not that much of a punishment though.

    Edited biff typing

  10. Well, not for a tool with a 6ins diameter.

    Two words spring to mind regarding this young lad.
    'Dirty filthy lucky bastard.' Or maybe four.
  11. Lets not get all embroiled in which beanflicker was locked up and which wasn't.
    There is a woman, granted not a stunner, who is so c*ck hungry that she needs to blow a 15 year old. She is now locked away.....c*ckless...for 32 months...sniff, Jesus, I'm wellin' up, sniff.
    When she gets out, no one is safe. There's going to be seething mass of blokes lurking outside the nick all willing to become her next 'victim'
  12. Don't they allow strap-ons in nick then :p
  13. I would suggest that the lengths sniggershe has gone to to get a real dong, she's not going to be too thrilled at being violated by a 10" rubber crippler. She's all about the real meat and don't you dare try to convince me otherwise!

    ps..........I claim first dibs for a go on the fat necked boiler.
  14. How long did the security guard watch before telling them to move along? And did he post the footage on Mytube?
  15. If the kid had a massive cock (some of us do at 14) she will have been too spoiled.