Courtesy Car Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CH512O, May 7, 2013.

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  1. My 911 is going into Porsche Guildford tomorrow for some warranty work. Now usually you get a VW Passat as a courtesy car but alas they contacted me and said that they only have a Porsche spare. Tempted to say that i would wait until a Passat was available i held off and said "it will have to do i suppose".

    I purposely did'nt ask which one so im hoping for the new Cayman


    but wont be too disappointed for a 991


    Will be pissed if its a bloody Cayenne as around here its only Mums who drive them!
  2. Porsche toy.jpg

    laugh my cock off if this is you tomorrow
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  3. Ill post pictures if it is!!
  4. A Porsche you say,

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  5. Or a Boxster, unless you are a hairdresser in which case it's fine.
  6. Ill get them in now before Dingerr gets here!



  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    itll be a lupo
  8. Im not but actually i would'nt be too disappointed, its not like its a MX5 is it.
  9. Hope that they give you the Passat. If they have a gleaming Porker for you (no matter what breed), go over the thing with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure that you see a VCR (Vehicle Condition Report)-or whatever the company calls it: this should be a plan view of the vehicle showing all angles. On it, note the condition of everything-and I mean everything.

    Front of the car? Stone chips. Lots of them. By the time you have finished with the VCR, the vehicle should resemble a measles victim. Because, on your return, they will count and assess the depth of any new chips. And the deeper the chip, the more you will be billed to have them repaired.

    Alloys? Steels? Kerbing scuffs usually get charged at £50 a go, so pay attention to the near side set of boots.

    Inside: pay attention to the head lining. Nobody looks at the head lining on a hire/courtesy car-which is why you may find a £100 charge for a valet.

    Insurance: use your own company, as your 'friendly' garage may charge you the earth for the short period that you have the vehicle and their excess will be..........well.........excessive.

    In short, accept the heapiest heap they have: the 'courtesy' in 'courtesy car' has long been a misnomer, especially for prestige cars.

    To my ever lasting shame, I worked for a credit hire company for a short period. Complete and utter scoundrels.

    ..........oh, and it WILL have a tracker which you cannot disable: don't be surprised if you get a call when you loiter too long in any disreputable areas. So cottaging is out for a while, until you get yours back.
  10. 40C, many thanks for your words of wisdom and fully understand. But, the Porsche network is pretty good in not being **** about courtesy cars. I frequent a lot of Porsche owner forums and not read one post on any of the Porsche outlets being strict. They do actually get a lot of comeback sales from their courtesy cars and although my next car wont be a 991 (too expensive and refined|) but will be a approved Porsche 997.
    Will i drive it like i hired it? Yes, its a sports car after all, i have a 911 anyway so driving that sort of car is nothing new.
    But thanks watch, i total the ****** on the roundabout outside Buller Bks in Aldershot, i bet you!!
  11. If they're that big a bunch of scoundrels they'll either turn on the in-car camera system or ask if they can pop out to join you ...
  12. Well it was a Panamera.


    Dont like it and cant wait to get my 911 back. Its all plush inside but its too big, does'nt handle as well and drinks fuel like a bitch. It has too many buttons inside and looks like you have a bloody sofa in the back! The PDK gearbox is ok with its 8 gears(!) but if i wanted a big car with room for adults in the back i would buy a Range Rover Sport. Ill put pics up tomorrow once ive wasted a day going to West Moors to drop a photo off, just because its new and some of the lads want a trip out. So if you see 3 soldiers bombing down the M3 tomorrow in this big ******* tank, its us!
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  13. west moors is that cos it drinks a lot fuel?

    do they still do the **** vehicle check in the depot so you can fill up on fuel?
  14. Damn you sussed me. Well actually my house is 3 miles away from West Moors but actually i do need to drop something off there so ill stop off for a brew at home on way back, then back to Shot.
    They still do the checks which were a product of some of my time there. But i tried to make the lads that check them a bit more helpful, so hopefully they are still doing it that way.
  15. Don't buy a Range Rover sport unless you want those in the back to bounce around like a pea on a drum. The wheelbase is too short and the suspension too hard. Only my opinion of course.
    If I was the Porsche dealer I'd be inclined to hand out a thirty year old VW Polo as a courtesy car, to ensure the Porsche owners understand what will happen if their financial circumstances change, thus encouraging them to concentrate on continuing to make money and spending some of it as frequently as possible with them!
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