Court threat to soldiers who curbed terror

I'm not going to get into a anti Blair anti Labour Party tirade but isn't there a contradiction here? The mission of the British Army in NI was to kill or capture terrorists. This is what the government sent soldiers to do, they did not decide to go there by themselves as this is a democratic state and we operate under political primacy. So soldiers serving in NI would have done so at times under a Labour government and who knows may also have killed the odd terrorist or two but under the orders of their govenment. So presumably ex NI ministers and Prime Ministers of all political persausions will also be subject to the enquiry will they?
Who is it that is pushing for these investigations? He/she should get their arrse felt for this! Do they not relise that in the course of investigating these killings that it is more than the guy that pulled the trigger that would be under scrutiny? What about the troops on the ground at the time? What about the signals operators and everyone else involved in co-ordanating an operation at those levels? What about all the Int operators and police involvement in such operations?

Surely all of the above personnel would be guilty of assisting in these so called "crimes"?

The sooner I can retire and get the fcuk out of this pish country the better.
Every time you think New Labour can't possibly get any worse...they lower the bar.
With them in charge, no wonder recruitment is difficult.
I don't recall the names, but there were a couple of threads a while ago about a couple of female journos, one or both of whom is the mother of a soldier - they could be personally contacted and asked for assistance in publicising the issue and our stance.
In my previous post, I pointed out that, if you are going down you take others with you. So participants in That War on Terror will be spilling the beans which will incriminate their then-masters.

However, there are plenty of people around with in-depth knowledge of exactly what went on during This War on Terror. Surely it would be "doing the right thing" to achieve "closure" on This War on Terror by making public certain recollections? A few others have already done so, Sir Chrostopher Meyer is in the process of doing so and PoD's memoirs are eagerly anticipated by publishers.

Meanwhile, it is possible that a Privy Council committee may be established by Parliament to investigate the entire Iraq issue.,,2087-1859669,00.html

As it would depend upon a vote in the Commons, the likelihood of such a venture is debatable. However, if "closure" is appropriate in one instance, it is surely appropriate in another! In any case, I am sure that many would be willing to add their recollections to the public record on Iraq. There are also those who would be capable of a "double whammy", with time spent in NI and working on Iraq, who may have a vested interest in making their recollections public! :twisted:
Surely to christ this will never see the light of day. The 'Birmingham six', 'Guildford four' and 'Maguire 7': if these people are as innocent as our bleeding heart judicial system say they are how about finding out who really killed all those poor bastards rather than wasting money on this provo appeasing shite
Surely to christ this will never see the light of day. The 'Birmingham six', 'Guildford four' and 'Maguire 7': if these people are as innocent as our bleeding heart judicial system say they are how about finding out who really killed all those poor bastards rather than wasting money on this provo appeasing shite
The CIA appear to be getting their retailiation in for their vilification by the blame-shirking Dubya!

The cack-handed outing of Valerie Plame backfired spectacularly. Now they are leaking details of dubious undertakings in T.W.A.T (The War Against Terror) in a certain prospective EU member state.

How long before the worms in this country begin to turn?
I'm sure 6 RMP Historic Investigations Unit will give this the attention it deserves.

The backstabbers need to consider the fact that the orders, veing sanctioned at Cabinet level, can reasonably be seen as being legal to the guys on the ground such as the team at Loughhall. If it now transpires that the acts where illegal, it follows that the orders where illegal.

As such, the Cabinet mambers are ( vicariously ) liable for the actions of their subordinates.
So those of us who went to the province, and may have been involved in ops where deaths occured, in/at any level may be investigated for possible prosecution?
The government sent us, let them be hung out to dry.
Just checked the date, no, it's not April 1st.
The unit will also warn those facing prosecution and will advise them on the "legal support" available.
Judging by the responses of a few soldiers who have also been shafted by these spinless, simpering fools the "legal support" will probably consist of a chair to sit on in the dock!!!

What a bunch of scum. I feel more and more ready to try my luck in the aus/nz/can armies every day. Or even just civvie street. I love the army but if the same prats who send us off, are going to knife us in the back for polictial browny points when we're back (sometimes years later) then why stay in. The kids on the McDonalds drive through get more support than we do.

They'll send you to a legally dodgey war, and then screw you for it or they'll get tough on terror by screwing the very guys who were getting tough on terror (as opposed to some tit gobbing off behind a desk in london) over things carried out 20 years ago.

I smell teh hand of cherie or other human rights (for scum) type thinkers behind this.

Sod an act of disobedience.

Kidnap tony and cherie drop off on the streets of Basra or similar shit hole to act as part of a brick. Maybe the other members could be similar thinking people. 6 months later we'll bring them back. Hopefully with a bit more of an understanding on what they're sound bites mean and how they're vaunted goals are achieved.
Perhaps orders will be scrutinised more carefully in future for their possible illegality?

I can't see any future CDS listening to any "trust me, I'm a straight kind of guy" bullsh!t. It will surely be a case of "show me the Attorney General's full advice, or you can buy your own toybox".
This rate each section is going to get an attached lawyer!!!!!
Thought I'd re-post my idea here, not to detract from the thrust of the original thread.

Let's get the ball rolling,ladies & gents


What about someone with intelligence drafting a letter we could send to an influential MP/Minister/Shadow Minister outling our strong feelings on the subject?

We need volume though, surely everyone on this board could spare 5 minutes to alter the letter to feature the date/their name, and bung it in the post?

And we keep sending until it's acknowledged!


"why the didn't you shoot the obviously armed terrorist that was in the prossess of planting the bomb that was meant for your mates"?

"Sorry boss, but I'm not too sure if this conflict is legal or not".
Sounds almost like Russian policy Dozy.....
I'll sign it.
Just a thought,
One letter for serving and another for ex-serving might be the way to go?
Concerned of Chipping Norton type thing?

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