Court presence OTT?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Had reason to be in Preston today. The trial of Creegan the cop killer got underway today outside the court there is around 120 officers of various types armed response etc all tooled up etc police helicopter buzzing overhead increased security measures O/S the court. Whilst I realise he's a bit mental is all the police present really required and could they not be used better elsewhere I'm assuming that figure must be around a shift's worth of cops for a major northern city. The figure mentioned was given by a court offical.
  2. Same 'shite' mentality that closes roads/motorways for hours at the drop of a hat 'cos some mong has either won a darwin award in a stolen car or is threatining to top himself because he is angry/has issues, in countries east of Berlin they either bulldoze/hose them off or give a helping goes on...
  3. In countries East of Berlin the plod can kill the twats who pull guns on them.

    In this country we get to rattle the stable door after the horse has bolted, and hope it reassures the witnesses enough to give evidence.
  4. I refer you to the relatively recent prison break successfully mounted by two scouse mutants on their way to court.

    Better over kill than public enemy number one being broken out. Funny how there were people in work today who said "Dale who?"

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  5. The same degree of assurance and safety could have been established by placing one unarmed Kent Police officer at the door, such is their professionalism.
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  6. Low profile is something the job appears to have forgotten.

    You can be secure and quiet. In fact sometimes quiet helps secure, I think.

    It sometimes grates that the same SMT who demand this level of resourcing are those who would likely deny it to officers prior the tragic incidents.

    "Policing by consent" etc, etc, etc.

    Mind you, if it keeps this shit in prison to rot - who really cares.

    But we've been down these sad similar lanes, before haven't we?

    Bit like the killer of Nina Mackay, I suppose.

    Pandering to a WPC killer: Knifeman with a hatred of police is 'safe to be freed'... but only to an area where there aren't too many officers on the beat | Mail Online

    I seem to spend a lot of my time saying "The Job's Fucked". I wonder if it should simply be "The Country's Fucked".
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  7. Well she's a civvy now so are you surprised..??
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  8. Nah, I reckon they deployed all of that just for a laugh. Chief Constable's have a running thing where they see who can have the most unneeded coppers in a single location at any one time. The winner gets their Christmas dinner paid for by the rest at the Chief Constable Christmas do.
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  9. Well bearing in mind that this ****** had access to firearms and hand grenades it is probably reasonable to assume his 'bezzers' and other gangsta wannabee cop killuz have the same.
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  10. You are all assuming the protection detail was there to prevent his escape???
  11. Can understand that but a 120 of them? does seem exessive I'd also imagine his mates will be keeping a distance from him just now as well.
  12. 120 of them.

    It was an all day event so straight away we're looking at a morning and evening team in that number so call it 60.

    20 to guard the court, 20 to escort the prisoner on the move and 20 to respond to any changing intel picture or more accurately twiddle thumbs.

    My untrained eye still sees no issue with this.

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  13. I assumed the security was to stop the other side ie the Short family slotting him - which would lead to more public money being spent on investigation and prosecution
  14. Well I found six just outside my house today and four of them looked lost [no quips please as I was about my lawful business]
  15. wow 6 Chief Constables out side your gaff. Your name is Philip - your married to Liz and I claim my fiver!