Court Overturns Strike Ban on Appeal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, May 20, 2010.

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  1. BA are in turmoil after the Appeals Court overturned the deciaion made in the companies favour last week.

  2. Hopefully unite will find my Mrs a job when BA goes under.
  3. I hope BA go down due to this and a new Airline take its place with employment contracts with out union interfearence...Unions have had their day and are now pretty much defunked!!

    These strikes are based on pure greed BA staff are some of the best paid staff in the airline industry, BA has suffered financially due to the Volcano cloud stoppages.....UNITE are fools
  4. Im amused when people try to argue how hard they are being done by, when BA wont put their pay up.
  5. Quote from Unite rep: Bart Simpson...."The case brought by BA was trivial and, in my opinion, irresponsible."

    ermmm....just wait for Willie don't feck with me Walsh's answer. P45s all round! :D
  6. The Unite will have to hold itself responsible when BA goes under won't it.
    Some people evidently know when they are onto a good thing.
  7. Can't see the sense or rationale in striking and causing the company more harm. I like willie walshes attitude as described above. BA is on it's knees at the moment and must evolve or die. The unions are doing exactly what they did in the 70's & 80's and biting the hand that feeds them. Hopefully a good vet will put the rabid fukcers down!
  8. Dinosaur shop floor politics, the only way forward for those who go out on strike is to the back of the dole queue, and there are no £40K packages and travel perks are to be found there.

    This is a battle for power amongst the union leaders, not a battle for employees rights. It is unlikely that BA will go under, but I can see a large number of jobs being axed.
  9. How many of BA's cabin crew voted for the strike and how many do they have overall?

    If BA do go bust will the Unions learn from it, that they're a tired out format, that has little place in the modern business world? I doubt it with idiots like the bloke who runs the train signalers union, and can't even string a coherent sentence together.
  10. Come on WW, sack the malignant strikers, keep on those who wanted to work and rebuild that company.
  11. There was a recent debate on talk sport in ref to incompetent 'paid' union members messing up this strike ballot for a second time,

    Good to see union subs getting value for money yet again,

    BA strike workers want their cake and eat it, keep going as your P45 is going the same way as BA itself!
  12. The issue is not the right or wrongs of the BA strike. It goes much, much further than whether the Trade Union in failing to notify its Union Membership that the strike ballot contained four spoilt ballot papers amounted to a sufficiently serious breach of process to invalidate the lawful ballot. If the Court of Appeal hold that it does not, the ballot is declared lawful and effect may be given to the Union to commence industrial action on behalf of their members. If, on the other hand, the Court of Appeal hold that the breach is sufficiently serious, then it is open to an employer to seek injunctive relief in respect of the merest scintilla of a minor breach in respect of a single ballot paper. In large unions with a wide and diverse membership, the right to withdraw ones labour in the face of even the grossest violation of working conditions by any employer is impossible. It creates a one-sided imbalance in which a minor infringement may destroy a major right Parliament has conferred by statute while allowing no redress for even the grossest violation of a contract of employment on the part of an employer. the outcome has implications for everyone whatever trade union they belong to.
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    Vince Cable / Nick Cleggs fault…

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  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    He'll be along in a minute to tell us all about it and how it affects the working man
  15. As usual, an erudite, reasonable and well-thought out reply. Nowadays it is impossible for a union to react quickly to any gross injustice by an employer. It takes at least 4 weeks to run the ballot and then another week to give notice of strike action. Labour (supposedly the party of the working man/unions etc.) had 13 years to redress the balance in Industrial Relations legislation and did diddly.