Court Mounting Size

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Brassneck, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know the correct size for a court mount medal - lenghth of mounting buckram and top to mount dimmension please .
  2. Drop a pm to Mitt Mayo-speak to him nicely and he may even let you have a look at his Step-by-Step guide.
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  3. Many thanks for that ,just sent him a PM.
  4. Alternatively there's a medal mounting guide, complete with relevant order of wear information, on the British Medal Forum.
  5. Many thanks
  6. There's also many gong mounting specialists out there, who do a perfect fkn job of Court/Swing mounting, most even clean your medals and replace ribbon as and where requested also. A mate of mine received an Air Operations Iraq CSM in a nice little box but it looks better now than it did when he got it, neater, cleaner and Court Mounted of course.
  7. Was that Air (...field security) Operations Iraq? ;)
  8. Never mind that bollox-what the hell is a CSM? No such beast: though there is/was a General Service Medal, which was awarded for 'Campaign Service'.
  9. Yes there is.

    And they are beasts to the unwary tom.
  10. I thought the SAM, Iraq and GW1 were CSMs, hence the different shape suspension bar (flat and straight instead of floral)?

    I suppose it is open to interpretation:

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