Court martialled for fiddling cea - first of many ?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by agoodgrouping, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Probably handy that he is carrying a folder covering "Decommissioning"!!
  2. He will soon settle in at Ford open, several ex MP's in the same block, they can discuss fiddles over a pint in the local pub before being tucked up for the night!
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  3. No chance, looks old enough to have pension earned - may be asked to repay the overpayment from lump sum. Good character, clean record, depression following divorce, unclear direction on entitlement in Regs - fault no doubt of his Leading Writer HR type - I think he'll get a conditional discharge with 6 months suspended. Out then to civvie street with head held high and no stain. I will put you a slab on it.

    Been going on for years, esp for those based overseas with 'visiting' wives who had jobs in UK or those whose kids 'weekly board' while claiming full rate or those who move within same 50 mile radius throughout school years using mates in Glasgow - the issue was often raised but our system chose to look the other way. Only the change in Govt & the now tight MOD budget has brought this abuse into the spotlight.

    No problem with it being claimed by those who are entitled to it - this man knew he wasn't and for years the system let him do it. I hope the whistleblower still has a career for being so brave (more likely his missus knew the score & shopped him)
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  4. Not suprised he divorced his missus....bit of a trgledite.
  5. Thats not very nice is it? There are some proper clever bastards in the Corps, they are usually 40 year old full screws..
  6. I hope you're not currently living in the wardroom at HMS Nelson Major. You may be wearing your breakfast in the morning.
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  7. Major Harris added, 'This is not a marine who struggles with literacy or difficult concepts, this is a senior naval officer.'

    The arrogant in pursuit of the dishonest. Happy little family the Pussers....
  8. £74K?

    Chump change, he'll be able to pay it back when he bangs out, job jobbed and back to the wardroom for G&T's and goodbyes.
  9. so he owned his own house in Bath and sent his kids (with CEA) to school in erm, Bath.
  10. Kingswood School? Who are the real losers in this...not the taxpayer...
  11. More common a racket than many think.
  12. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely and blatently occurring even today
  13. definitely, also known as the RAF model for CEA; let me explain!

    1. You're a chinook pilot who will spend his whole career at Odiham.
    2. You sign the mobility certificate and get posted to DE&S.
    3. Whilst at DE&S you send your kids as boarder to a school near Odiham.
    4. Buy house in Odiham area.
    5. On posting back to Odiham move into your new house and ensure kids spend at least 1 term as boarders before making them day pupils.
    6. Sign mobility certificate to qualify for CEA; kids attend as day pupils and live at home.

    You can delete Odiham and insert Brize Norton, Shawbury, or any other RAF Station.
  14. All he has to do is say sorry and promise to pay it back; job jobbed. Shouldnt even have gone to court M' for those in westminster who took a lot more than he has.................