Court Martial - Findings

ted69 said:
I am trying to find out what the outcome of a court martial was ?? Any help where I maybe able to find this
Sgt Nancy Thorpe RMP will sort you out. If I remember correctly she sorted loads of lads from The Kings Fusiliers out with any RMP/SIB related trivia.
should be published on gar Part 1's then filtered down on Regt/Bn Part 1's
When was the Court Martial? Recent or historic?

They are public trials and therefore there is no secret about the result.

If it is a recent trial, and you can't find out from part II orders or some such route (sorry, my memory is a bit hazy on this) you could just ring the G1 clerk at the relevant headquarters, and he/she would (I would imagine) be able to enlighten you.

Edited having now seen Bipolar's post to say, er, I meant Part I orders !
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