Court Martial and Financial Hardship

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Stinkerson, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. I have someone that is facing a court martial (not giving out offence) There is a possibility that he could get time in MCTC for the offence.

    Here's the kicker, he has a young family (partner & 1 small child) as well as this he is the main bread winner for the household so he pays the mortgage, council tax and pretty much everything else.

    If found guilty at Court Martial could they still give him MCTC and therefore put him and his family in severe financial hardship?

    Not just dip out on the nice things for a while, the real possibility of losing the house etc.

    I've asked around but it seems those I have asked have never come across this situation before.
  2. Detainee Information - British Army Website

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  3. simple answer is: if individual guilty of whatever there is a punishment shedule that the court will follow, if that is jail time then so be it.

    It is tough on the family but the individual should have thought of that before doing the crime.

    The family will have to look to social services/charity/mortage holiday to keep a roof over their heads - this is not uncommon recommend wife gets herself to Citizens advice ASAP just in case.
  4. Or maybe the Unit Welfare Officer may like to get involved and refer the family to the Army Welfare Services.
  5. The family is also entitled to Fam Grant for about 8 weeks, exact figure cannot be given as circumstances are different for each family. Fam Grant can be extended if CO agrees to it.

    Get the Guilty Barstool (sorry could not help myself) to go have a chat with his FSA who will be able to do the digging about and also be prepared to action if yer man gets sent down.
  6. A welfare report will be prepared for him and the court will be informed of the situation. They will take it into account when making their deliberations. But, it does not guarantee a 'get out of jail free'. The court will consider the offence and will take account of all factors during sentencing. They will be guided by the civilian judge in the process.