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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by carlbcfc, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. As i mentioned in a previous post i have £1800 in outstanding court fines from years ago when i was a teenager. Im now 26, not been arrested for 5 years, recently lost my job, fell behind with the bills which im talking to CAB about, 3 kids, and altho ive signed up with 3 agencys i just cant seem to find ANY job what so ever. I want to join the army but the fines are stopping me.

    Questions in court thursday for the have helped me out with this and borrowed me £500 to take into court. Ive heard of people having the fines written off after a big payment due to good behaviour and the situation their in. Has anyone here got any advice on that or how to go about it in the court?
  2. Use that money and get a solicitor - or do you fancy a 14 day lie in at Her Majs's expense?
  3. I think they'd prefer me to give them £500, got to count for something till i sort a job dont u think?

    Another thing, the jails are full up here in brum so will they bother giving me a term considering im not a danger to the public?
  4. If you flog the PC that you're using to post here, that may get you another couple of hundred pounds towards paying off your fines. I think mate that the one big issue (pardon the pun) which will hamper your application to join, is that you are a liability. Why have you taken so long to pay off the fines imposed upon you over 6 years ago? It's not like you've been unemployed now is it? You might have 3 kids to support, but that's not an excuse. You haven't been arrested for over 5 years? I'm not sure if you're trying to impress us there. You've also got to look at what your were arrested for....way back then. If it's theft related, I doubt that the Army will take you.

    If I was you, I would take myself down to the Recruiting Office and having told them of your situation, ask what your chances are. You're not going to get an official answer here on a website. I doubt, even in this current climate, that you'll be accepted with outsanding fines. There are enough welfare issues in the Army as it is.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Have you spoken to your local TA unit?

  6. I doubt they will send you to jail if you have a good reason behind not paying the fines. Take evidence with you that you are struggling to cover bills and that you're trying to get a job. Also, evidence that you have turned your life around. Do you have anything from the AFCO to prove that you cannot join because of the fines.

    Magistrates do have the power to reduce fines if they see fit. I saw it in one case where the man in question did not deserve to have them reduced and was making no attempt to make repayments.

    Don't use the money to get a solicitor, this decision is down to the magistrate and there isn't much more a solictior can do. Be honest with them, repent your sins so to speak and they may well cancel them for you. Even if they don't £500 towards it will help reduce it a lot and they will set up a payment plan that is within your budget.

    When you get to court ask if there is a duty solicitor about that can help you, it would be helpful but as I say it isn't the end of the world and is definately something you should use the fine money for.

    Ignore the idiots in here who have nothing good to say so just come out with crap and good luck.
  7. Just turn up at court tell the truth and explain your mitigating circumstances why it have taken you so long to pay the fines , How you fell behind with the bills and the reason why , maintenance you have to pay for your children etc , What drove you to get in trouble in the first instance and what you have done since to try and put right what you have done wrong in the past and you are unable to join the army because of all your fines . Your family have given you all there love and support and also offered to lend you £500 out of there hard earned money when times are so difficult .

    This is not legal advise i am giving you just personal experience advise

  8. To answer Biscuits_AB
    When your young you dont really give a fcuk do you. At least im trying to sort it out . They where driving offences, not theft. Im not asking if they will take me with fines im asking about the chances of getting most of it squashed. You aint got much positive to say have you, get your head out your ass.

    To everyone else

    I was thinking of putting it on paper and giving it to the magistrate to read before i go in so they got a clear picture. The CAB are gonna do me a financial statement to take in showing my finances. Thing is if i had a wage there wouldnt be a problem with the bills, the £40 Job Seekers Allowance is a load of shite and just about covers my food. Ive also got that tribunal coming up which can solve it all.

    Thanks to the people with constructive answers
  9. Why the feck should your fines be 'squashed' as you put it?

    You did the crime now pay the fine or do the time.

    I get the feeling youve been holding off paying them in the hope they would let you off, why the feck should you not have to pay your fine?? We've all got kids, bills and problems mate.
    Sort your fecking life out, get a job and face the music, why should you get a free ride?
  10. I went through a Crown Court case 4 months ago and was fined. I had 14 days to pay that fine or it was off to chokey for me. I paid that day.
  11. I always knew one day id have to sort it and now that time has come. I made mistakes when i was young that have come back to haunt me, you learn from them. When all this is done its a lesson learnt that will never be repeated. The reason for the "squash" after paying £500 is the army can turn it around and give me a career. I am not a major criminal, just made a few stupid mistakes. Do people not get a 2nd chance?

    I asked a question to older and wiser people who might be able to offer advice. The ones having a moan aint doing me no favours so why you wasting your life with usless comments.
  12. Lad i worked with is a Corpral in the TA. They told me to get the fines sorted and it shouldnt be a problem.
  13. The useless comments aren't useless- just possibly they reflect the real world view. Everyone deserves a second chance, but it isnt a given. My ex doesn't have broadband or a computer and struggles, despite me baling her out on a regular basis (it's complicated) but she doesn't expect a free ride. It seems you do.
    It's not Victorian times, where it's the army or debtors prison. Sort yourself out then get a respectable career!
  14. Wow I had forgotten that everybody in the army was a saint and had never put a foot wrong in their life prior to joining the army nor after.

    Carl, ignore the saints above, they sound like they have a chip on their shoulder. My uncle completed his full 22 yrs service a couple of years back at quite a high rank and had also been a terror teenager. He went to join up at 19 and was told to go away for a year and sort himself out. He did so, came back, joined up and had a very successful career and probably saw more service than any of these lot above. It sounds as if you have already sorted your life out and so unless there is something you aren't telling us about and subject to the medical the army should have no qualms in taking you. I am sure you will find that the army has many people who have been in the same situation as you.

    I doubt the magistrates will have time to read your statement prior to your court appearance but it is worth a try. The financial statement from the CAB will help, as will the £500. Do you have any proof that you have attempted to join the army and cannot until the fines are paid? That would be a lot of help.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  15. I am not a saint, nor was I trying to have a dig at the guy for his past crimes.
    What I do take issue with is the fact that the lad believes he shouldnt have to pay his fines!?
    I have recently had to pay a fine of my own which I did in full on the day.
    This guy has had 7 odd years? to pay 1800 pounds. By my reckoning thats about £21.40 a month, surely that shouldnt have been too difficult even on jobseekers allowance?

    If you want to join HM forces you should lose the slopey shoulder attitude of trying to get out of paying your fines, get them paid off by arranging a payment plan with the court and then look at joining up.