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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by carlbcfc, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. I have £1800's worth of fines from 99-03 when i was a little shit. Im about to go to a fines clinic about getting it sorted. They are all driving offences the last being in 2002/3. They insurance, no licence, drink driving (was actually a passenger but still convicted and lost appeal)

    Anyway as i said i am about to go to a fines clinic and arrange a plan. Will this stop me joining up? Do they need to be cleared in full or as long as i show its being dealt with will they consider seeing as tho they not on the serious end of the criminal scale......
  2. *bites his tongue* !!!
  3. Under Rehab of offenders act 1974 a fine you get a 5 year rehab period if your over 18 and a 2.5 year rehab period if you under 18. You can have up to 2 unspent convictions and still join the Army. If you have more your ACA 4 can apply for some smaller convictions to be put asaide as such. You need to go into your local AFCO/ACIO and speak to them. If you send me you crime report i can work it out for you.
  4. how can you be a passenger and still get convicted of drink driving?
  5. I know i know, its my fault ur insurance is so high i. Ive grew up, got kids and not been in trouble or driven for 5 years since i was 21. Id say im rehabilitated.

    As for the crime report. How do i get one of those? will the fines office have a list of my offences i was charged with?

  6. was a 3 door car, pissing down rain, wipers of full, 9pm on a friday night. 2 lads in the front, me and a mate, his brother in the back. Police past, done a U turn, the driver stopped, slipped into the back of the car behind the passenger seat. As no one would own up to driving they nicked me saying i moved seats and they saw my silhouette move right to left. My argument was how can u be so sure that was me and not the someone going left to right into the back, why would 2 lads be in the back of a 3 door car, the weather conditions, time of night..etc...ended up at crown, got another 400 on top. Gives u confidence in the justice system dont it especially when a lad i know walked free from that very same court room a few weeks later for possesion of a firearm in a nightclub....he got 200 hours community service.. amazing!
  7. Some mate he was! Letting you take the rap.

  8. Quite....given that you were part of a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.....I'd say you got off cheap. Oh, and your mate's a w@nk!
  9. No longer a mate i must add. I wouldnt mind but he had a driving licence but was not insured for that vehicle.
  10. Hold on a bit, this ain't the NAAFI. He has come on here asking advice. He has fessed up to his dodgy past. The recruiting system will judge whether he gets in or not. It's not down to you. If you have something constructive to say, then lets hear it. Otherwise, perhaps you should just let him get on with it.
  11. Ignore Daytona....he's a tit.
  12. Smudge - so much more elegantly put!
  13. U learn through mistakes. I can take the criticism no probs but as the last few lads said, i posted for a constructive answer.
  14. Forgot to add, good luck with things CARLBCFC
  15. cheers lads the help (an verbal assualt) has been appreciated. Just need advice on how to obtain my CRIME REPORT as mentioned by LOADED-GO-ON ??????..