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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rhodes7102, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Will a court fine stop me from enlisting? I got a court fine two years ago and was wondering if this would stop me joining as the marines don't accept anyone for 5 years after a fine, I thought this was a bit harsh for £120 fine.... Please help
  2. fine for what, I get fines all the time, mostly speeding :)
  3. DC is right, it's not the fine so much as the conviction.
  4. Drink driving.... Bloody stupid I know. I did 12 month ban and £120 fine. But when I spoke to the marines they said any court fine has a 5 year waiting period. So I was wondering if the same rules apply to army, im actually re-enlisting, ex Sapper
  5. Well for one Id take your photo off your profile, PERSEC dont you know, is the ban over ? People are getting dismissed from the service for DD nowadays, but if the sentence has been carried out, and all points removed dont see why not, but volunteering the info directly wouldnt be the best move, just fill in the application and see how it goes
  6. Yh it was 2 years ago, it wasn't the ban it's the fine I was worried about
  7. Theres a few things in here that needs to be taken into consideration, the first being have you got your licence back or still Banned. Next would be looking at the Rehabilitation of offenders Act if you have more than two unspent convictions....if its just this one fine it should hopefully be ok .your best bet is to go in and Speak with a Recruiter who can check what Unspent convictions you have and also if it will affect your chances as a Re-enlister/Re-joiner.
  8. That's actually helped alot mate. I was actually wanting to go infantry so it looks like it wouldn't be too bad, I'll give afco a call on Monday and see what they say. Cheers for your help
  9. To "the iron" yh mate that's the only thing on my record, had license back for over a year now, never had any other offences or cautions whatsoever so hopefully it shall be ok
  10. You have a clean licence back so not a problem if no points on it but so others are aware Infantry now do there Driving licence so you would need a clean licence back after being banned before you can apply.
  11. Yh it's clean no points but still has DD on it. But I'm hopin paras an they ain't mechanised so fingers crossed