Court date during basic.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MikeH87, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi i have just found out i have to appear in court for one day to give evidence during my basic training. It is by no fault of my own i cant help it and im not in trouble or anything.

    But basically i am very worried incase i get booted out of basic for it. I need this job and i cant not pass as it would really leave me with nothing. Yes i know it sounds like a sob story etc but im sheeting me kegs here. Is it known for recruits to be allowed to appear during training? I know of people who have had sick days in basic and days off for funerals etc so i hope i could be excused.

    Im old and wise enough to know i may be kicked out but i would really be gutted after the nearly two years of waiting. I know a certain amount of breaking down and chatacter rebuilding goes on in basic but any reassurance would be nice.

    I would ask my recruiter at my AFCO but id like to know from someone there, now in the know if in any way possible does it mean the end before i even begin?

    Cheers, mike.
  2. Calm down dear!

    Giving evidence in court will produce you no problems whatsoever.

    Just tell the chain of command as soon as possible.
  3. Mike, explain what's happening to your ACIO. The sooner the better. They need to either see what's happening on that day during training, or move you to a different intake.
  4. Ok thank you both for the replies.

    And sorry for the panic in my post, just means alot to me. Ill notify them asap and hopefully ill be able to continue. I was lucky to get the date this year due to a drop out so fingers crossed all will be good.

    Thanks again, mike.
  5. Chances are they'll just give you the day, one day shouldn't be a huge deal unless it's your passing out parade or anything silly like that.
  6. Great choice of works monkey-spunk.
  7. As said above speak directly to your Recruiter so they can inform your ATR and work out hats best.........if its only going to be a day it shouldnt be too much problems but up to ATR....if a longer trial it could be an issue but they need to know sooner than later. As long as you arent in trouble.....if its a court case where your involved as a defendant then its a different matter and you cant attest.

    Told you we would agree on something Smudge. :)
  8. No we won't ;)
  9. Ensure police/CPS/witness care officer are told you are ONLY available on that day - otherwise you may be asked to return the next day if you don't finish your evidence on that day