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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by h301593, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. So, attending court in a few days (I express at this point I am a witness), what is the most suitable, dapper clothing you lot can recommend?

    I was thinking pin stripe suit, a white patterned shirt, regi tie (silk of course), and a pair of plain leather shoes. Is the wearing of cufflinks deemed too over the top bearing in mind I dont want to look smarter than the judge etc.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Jeans and a hoodie. It shows your down wiv de yoof.
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  3. Try a wig and gown, it gets you a better seat.


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  4. Err, no.

    Wearing the skin of a recently slain prostitute may be a tad over the top but dressing as if you were attending a meeting is not.
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  5. I wouldn't stress over it. Last time I was in, I wore a smart suit etc but it would appear a relatively clean trackie (with best going out trainers) is ample, judging by the other mutants who I saw there.
  6. No way, I havent worn a hoody since I was 15.

    I cant find one that will fit my cute little head.
  7. Im talking about crown court in beautiful Oxford, not a magistrates in Essex
  8. Damn, I need to get some new shoes then as my current pair are made of hit and run victims
  9. Can't advise on your dress code though Reg tie has to be applauded of course, but looking at the sentencing decisions given out by judges you will definitely be smarter intellectually.
  10. Well, I do have GCSEs ya know ;)
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    So there I was. Stage right in court.
    'Any SERs' asks the judge
    I'm shoved to my feet, with 'you're on'
    'Yes, your honour' and rustled my pile of A4
    'I don't recognise the officer of the court'
    'No, I'm new here'
    The next thing I'm hauled out by the RUC with a 'not a fuckin word'
    As soon as we get into the hall the cops start laughing and I'm going 'What the **** was all that about'
    No tie.
    Plugged on a borrowed cop tie and straight back in.
    Wear a tie, dress up.

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  12. Ideal opportunity for some discreet Masonic regalia. Judges notice these things, allegedly.
  13. I wouldn't wear pin stripe. Dark (blue best) suit and plain (white is best) shirt. Cufflinks good and tie ok. Keep your hands in front and look jurors in the eye when answering. Be prepared for rigorous questioning. Be very sure of what you are saying - do not accept any suggestions as to what may or may not have been the case. Stick to the facts of what you saw.