Hi, apparently somewhere on the internet (or milnet) there is an excel file containing courses that can be applied for in the Otc (e.g Sigs courses, PT, etc.) and an application form.

anyone know where to find it?

Would be much appreciated - thanks.
Ask your PSI.

I once found the electronic "big book of courses".

However, it's on the RLI and I can't be bothered to look for it again just to help a stinking student who gobbles off the PSIs.

Tempt me and I might help you.
Thank you for your replies.

I ask because this useful information (even from our PSIs) is hard come by and goes a long way for guys who want to get on courses to better their unit by having indepth knowledge to pass on and reflect on as instructors (2nd and 3rd years mainly).

I recently attended a sigs course (top notch) and am only one of two guys who have done it in my OTC (needless to say- running the sigs package this year), other OTCs sent far more people on it - I Want My Guys Doing This Sort Of Stuff - not just INFANTRY INFANTRY INFANTRY (though good stuff of course).

P.S 'StabTiffy2B' how can i tempt you? electronic chocolate bar maybe? (fat free) :D

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