Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Swindonman, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Alright lads,

    Appreciate that this is a bit early to ask given that Im only a recruit but I seem to recall a link posted here a while back about the courses offered to qualified soldiers, I may be wrong but arent there civvy courses such as IT skills or management training ? - like I say I know this is in advance but if anyone has any links or PDFs that would be great. Also, I have a question regarding Officer training, at the moment I dont think I would have the self confidence to do it , Im quite shy but as my time as a Private in the infantry moves on would I still be able to try officer training ?.

    Prior to joining I assumed that commissioned officers would be the proverbial dbs and natural leaders yet it seems they have an image of being mongs 8O

    Any thoughts ?

  2. Does this mean that you think you'll fit perfectly into a mess full of mongs?!
  3. Depends on the Unit and it's role. But one course that all soldiers will have to do, is the ECDL (European Computers Drivers Licence) otherwise you won't be allowed within 50 feet of BOWMAN (when it eventually gets rolled out!)

    But, I wouldn't worry about IT and such skills, as an infantryman you'll only be expected to know which is the trigger, and which is the safety!! :)
  4. You can go for a commission any time you like - although from language like that I think you are not that far away from the Grumpy Corporals' Corner of the bar ...

    Should you decide to cross to the 'darkside' talk to your CoC - you will need to get a tick in the box from your Troop Leader, OC and CO before commencing on the wonder that is the TACC better not mention you think they are mongs ....

    Here's a handy link on the officer trianing bit:

    and here's another:
  5. It's a bit different for Officer types. If you are a JNCO happen to have an off weekend, get all your mapreading wrong and fall into a ditch, you'll just get your mates laughing at you. If you are an Officer, make one mistake and the entire platoon with have something to say about you. Something nasty. It's the same with a CFTs etc, mong as a JNCO and you'll be led to the biff wagon, mong as an Officer and it will stick with you for the rest of your job. Nothing travels round the JRC quicker than a story of when an officer f:censored:d up. You just cannot afford to be weak, then expect to be a leader of men. Basically, everyone makes mistakes at one time or other, but people remember when an Officer does it.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can mong it as an Officer, or even potential Officer. The DS will rip you to shreds in training, other potential Officers will start to ignore you, you'll be miserable and even if you make it through Sandhurst your NCOs will take you round the back and fill you in.

    It's a challange, but it's a good laugh. Especially when you start getting some respect for your efforts, and start getting the DS onside. It's a warm fuffy feeling. Then the PT starts again. :shakefist:
  6. Your PSI will most likely have a book containing EVERY course offered in the British Army!

    So, when you've got through your phase 2, ask to see it (if you ask before then, you'll most likely be told to come back after you're a fully fledged soldier). Note that most courses have some criteria to meet, so you won't necessarily be eligible for all of them.