Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TABBER, Sep 26, 2003.

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  1. I have been asked to look into various adventure training courses and there availablity, its fairly unknown to me, havent been to anyone about it yet.

    Could someone out there give us a low down on what is about along the lines of parachuting, rock climbing, kyaking, moutain biking, etc.??? So I know what im asking for when I go to the courses clerk.

  2. Get yer face into JSP 410. That will tell what each course requirement is.
  3. i am due to do advanced drill early next year, would really appreciate any tips or hints that you may have to offer, apart from the old guards bull s£$t stuff

  4. Get yourself very fit before going, it is a ragging.
  5. I think you actually need JSP 419, and to be honest there is so much out there it depends on what you want and what level you are already at in each of the sports....
  6. Yeah sorry bit of a type-o meant JSP 419. That will list what levels you need to be at in order to attened a course, it willl also say where the course will be held.
  7. I attended the All Arms Drill Wing at what was then the Guards Depot at Pirbright in 1973 I can't imagine things have changed much since then!
    What You Need:
    A good sense of humour.
    An electric floor polisher.
    An extra set of "Best Boots"
    (the a/m to set out on your bed each morning
    though polish them every evening to cover the
    "secret mark" your Drill Instructor will scratch on
    A healthy bank balance (see what you need to do).
    An up to date fully amended Drill Manual.
    An unlimited supply of yellow dusters.
    At least 5 shirts (if attending the course in the summer).
    At least 3 sets of SD if not.
    Spare cap badges/buttons - no friendly QM.
    An iron and ironing board.
    An extremely loud voice.
    What you need to be:
    Sociable ( see healthy bank balance).
    Graced in Sgt's Mess ettiquette.
    Know the difference between a Grenadier and a
    Reasonably proficient in foot drill ( knowing how to form
    2 ranks from 3 and vice versa on the march before
    you arrive is impressive).

    What you need to do:
    Everything faster, louder and with panache.
    Attend Every social function (hence the requirement
    for a healthy bank balance).
    Your kit every night, before you hit the mess.
    Eat breakfast every morning.

    What you should not do:
    "March Off" the Drill Sgt's wife (unless he suggests
    a menage a trois) following the Friday night
    social evening.
    Call any one Sarge.
    Apply the sobriquet Woodentop to anyone.
    Get drunk.
    What you should do:
    Enjoy the experience, believe it or not the staff
    have a sense of humour and it's infectious.

    Then again maybe everything has changed in which case you can disregard all of the above. Good Luck! l
  8. Except the bank balance
  9. For all the above advice and reference material, look at DCI (probably 01) it will guide you to all the courses available, plus all the references you need prior to, during, and advancing beyond the course.