Where can I get the list of courses for

a) Adults

b) Cadets

Now I have the colour Frimley chart for the next year, but that only seems to list AI courses/master cadet courses and the like.

What i'm really after is stuff like the Adult Assault Course Qualification or the Cadet Signals Courses. As well as this the ARD courses or anything to do with ranges isn't there.


The courses you're asking about aren't run at Frimley. They will be arranged at a local level by your local CTT (Cadet Training Team).

A schedule should be available from your Training Officer.
Adult Instructor Courses ie. Range, Obstacle Course etc are run by CTTs and as said a program should be distributed via your training officer.

Adult Signals courses are published on the MOD Courses list along with a load of Cadet MOD Courses which comes out around November / December each year - again Training Officer will know more.
OCI and CRCQ (SB) are run at Frimley as well (not sure about ARD and (FB) unless that has changed recently???

Cadet and Adult Sigs courses are run at Blandford in the Summer.

CRCQ both FB and SM, OCI and incidentally ITC's are now being run at Brigade Level training camps twice yearly over the half term weeks for the Brigades.

They pool the resourses of all the Bgd CTT teams, and allow the CCT inst to teach skill specific courses.

145 bgd hold theirs at Browndown (lads army) training camp.

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