Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jack_as_F-ck, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Could someone direct me to a link which lists all courses?

  2. Err, no we can't - because (for some reason - probably because 'all courses' includes Int courses and the like and vetting requirements) it is PM. So it isn't on the internet or on Armynet.

    So, as the link says, ask your PSI. Or look on the MOD Intranet.
  3. My bold. It is on Armynet. Found after much searching, swearing, lateral thinking and refusing to accept advice to the contrary on here. I call it tenacity... everyone else calls me a pain in the fekking arse! ;)

    Edit/ update: I don't have the link anymore I am afraid and I am NOT emailing the PDF file to anyone unless I see them face to face, know them well and they have made me a brew on exercise so please don't PM me about where you can find it on ArmyNet. It was a SOD to find and, as I have said to a couple of fellas' PM'ing me on here, I'm fekked if I can remember how I found it in the first place and it may since have been taken down (see His Grace's post below as well)

    If you are still not deterred, think of finding it as comparable to basic training; you know you want the end result, that you will have to do stuff that makes no sense, be directed in some very odd places, suffer emotionally and physically (my blood pressure went up) and not all of you will pass. Good luck! ;)
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Remembering of course that the list will only be as accurate as the person who drafted it/posted it/amended it/sent or failed to send amendments to the person who should have amended it.

    It is a very rough guide to what might or might not be available and what may (or may not be) the course qualifying criteria.

    Consider it an opening gambit for the conversation that must follow with your Pl Comd/Coy 2IC or SPSI - ie whoever actually controls course allocations and bids within your unit.
  5. Or you could be like me whose RAOWO didn't think that anyone else would want to do the course and promptly shredded the information once he had one person loaded onto it. Then told a few n=months later that, yes that course you would like to do would be a useful one to have but its only 5 days (but really it was 8 days but I'm just being pedantic at this stage).

    So in the end I'm being brought into the TAC to do my camp there, which will be one boring fortnight.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I do hope you have the Div Comd's approval:

    2.097. Full Time Duties on Attachment to TA Units. An officer or soldier of the TA may, with the authority of the Div/Dist Commander, be attached to a TA headquarters, unit or sub unit for full time duties (for example to replace permanent staff who are absent on leave or duty) either in lieu of, or voluntarily in addition to, annual camp. Such authority is only to be given in exceptional circumstances. The constraints on aggregated attendance at paras 2.093 and 2.095 apply equally to attachments to TA units.