Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jiblit, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Alright chaps and chapesses

    Any ideas how i can justify going on a snipers course if im being traded as a driver with the REME, not that i want to be a sniper, just personell experience for myself. Oh and before i forget i chose REME because of my civie quals and expertise :)

  2. In Bordon I believe there is 145 Vehicle Recovery(Sniper) Bn REME(V). perhaps you could transfer to them first?
  3. Not a wah, obviously you are one of the many on here who do not know what a 'wah' actually is.

    This is just an ambitious spanner monkey working his way up to his Korean Knife Fighting Course.
  4. IIRC the closest you can get in the TA is the Sharpshooters course and with the introduction of the L129 to the regs the TA may(yeah right) follow suit, if that is the case then the need for the course will out strip the places available so priority will go to inf units and not OA&S even those attached to the inf.
  5. You can be a sniper with 49 Para, if you PM Scarletto he is the SME on 49 Para. And can tell you if you can cross train with them as a REME Driver and sniper due to their specialist role.

    Hope this helps


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  6. The Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers does not have a driver trade, are you sure you are not joining a REME unit as an RLC driver :?
  7. Which discipline, North or South?
  8. After the how do I get a commando dagger as a cooks assistant thread on here recently it was a reasonable assumption.
  9. They've merged now, it's the prelim to the forthcoming defence review when a manpower shortage in the Pare Regt when the Red Freds become the Red Fridas with Capt 'Jan' as their OC.

    You heard it here first... 8)
  10. Some good advice here, nice one lads and cheers, ahh yeah just to make things more complicated i have a REME capbadge being trained as a Driver/Rad-op, i had to transfer to the nationals because of work commitments, the regionals had me down for Reccy/Mec.
  11. This sounds interesting HVM but i forgot to mention i'm in a TA role "sorry", does it still apply, if it does i might just chase it further....