Discussion in 'Infantry' started by discontented, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'd like a little info from you guys with regards to courses, if I may...

    Before I start I'm not infantry (sigs, airborne so not afraid of some 'kin hardwork) but going to have a crack at something a little more, how shall I put in the autumn and want to get my mil skills upto infantry standards... I have badgered the trg wing for courses for what seems like an eternity but they have no interest in what I'm saying so I'm cutting them out of the loop...

    I was once a Lance Jack but busted (tut tut but fighting the badge was worth it... well I say fight, I hit him, he beat me) done my junior commanders course (R.Sigs) but want to do jnr Brecon am I right thinking I do this with a local...

    Are there any courses That will bring my Inf skills up to scratch prior to joining and, in a nutshell, what is involved on the jnr Brecon course (I'm leaving this waaaaaay open for a wah). Not after the ins and outs of the course, I'm all up for a suprise, just general phys levels etc...

    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. Course you did. Billy Bullshite.
  3. No BS 5A,

    I swung a punch, partial contact, about a minute later I'm looking up at the stars, sore belly, bleeding lip, it's not as if I'm being all macho about it now is it... Thanks for the advice btw, great help, if I wanted to be heckled I'd have a go at stand-up

    get a grip
  4. It is an infantry course so places may not grow on trees and reserves were normally nominated from Bns to cover last minute drop outs. They did have the course details on a web page at one time. You may find this of use,

    I seem to remember something about an all arms infantry course to up skill other arms.

    Why do you want this course?
  5. Offog,

    Thanks for the gen reply. I was not aware of an AA jnr Brecon course due to the lack of info from my trg wing, as I said they have no interest in what I'm asking for but I will badger them again. I'd prefer to do the course with the infantry though... It makes sense to learn infantry skills on an infantry course run by and for infanteers, however what I want and what I get are rarely the same thing. C'est la vie!

    Upon first glance the link will be very useful. The CFT sounds tasty assuming TA do the same as us regs. Should sort the men from the boys!

    I'm going to have a crack at the 4/73 (Sphinx) Battery course in the Autumn and want to give myself the best possible chance of passing, so along with all the phys I'm doing and visits to Brecon (already aquainted with 'the fan' quite well) to get upto speed on the hills & nav, I thought I'd get a head start on my milskills. Coming from a 'non-combat corps', I think I need too! (other scaly backs... don't bite, you know what I mean)

    R AR
  6. :lol: whammm