courses when deployed in theatre?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. i have heard that it is still possible to do career courses even if you are deployed to iraq on op's. is this true and what courses fulfill the criteria
  2. i beleive it wasnt to start with but if you are on career course like Lance jack or full screws course you are ok as i know a few that did that
  3. The lads that whent on telic 4 in my infantry cmpy had chance to do there pjnco or brecon whilst there were over there, if thats any help
  4. what about skill at arms etc i am already a fullscrew and need to do a few courses before i progress any further

    i was on Telic 2 and obviously things were a little different then

    it sounds like its literally just promotion cadres so far anyway
  5. You may get your SAA in
  6. Thats if u want 2 weeks of pamflet bashing sat on ure arse in a classroom, i was ready to slit my wrists after 2 weeks of that
  7. There Was a bloke on my cpls course who was on op telic so i would say if it is a relevent course it is not a problem...
  8. its a means to an end. if you want to go further then you have to do the courses.

    i have been told before i am considered for my snco i have to do a number of courses. problem being im on my way to telic. now if i can do both that would be ideal otherwise yet again its us on op's who are held up in terms of promotion and the "stay at homes" who get ahead
  9. I pushed out a Full screws course and my EFP on tours
  10. From experience - if you go as part of a formed sub unit / troop with your own chain of command there is the likelyhood that if you require trade / promotion courses and the tac sit allows you will get them. As an individual reservist you are at the whim of the regular unit you are part of so it will depend on how much they care about your progression.
  11. Oi! Told you what course you needed> And let me think.......shouldnt you be on it NOW.
  12. bout time i heard from you :lol: found any camel spiders recently

    not on the SF Section Commanders as its my daughters first birthday in the second week week of the course. cant miss her first can i :roll: i'd never be allowed to forget it

    next year when i return i will go on it
  13. If your deployed as an indivudal but you were set to do the JNCO course if you stayed back at your unit; how could you get yourself onto a JNCO course when on deployment? Do you need to get a letter from your unit or is it best to keep your head down and shut up as is the case most of the time?
  14. The Deputy Director General (TA) gives a shit.

    If your host unit can send troops back for career courses, you should be able to too. But you will be at the mercy of the unit you go to.

    If screwed about kick off at the debrief when you get back to Chilwell

    Promotion courses should be on that list. What other courses are depends on what your career plot is - If your pencilled in as a future unit PT instructor, then that should be too.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Don't wait until you get back, kick off when Chilwell come to visit.

    A fax from your parent unit Adjt to your mobilised unit Adjt will probably sort things out -OPERATIONAL COMMITMENTS PERMITTING.