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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TigerStep, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Good Evening,

    I'm looking to strengthen my current application. I scored "above average" on the MAP tests down at Westbury, but I only have two A-Levels at a D & E (Fortunately my other qualifications bring me up to mark on the UCAS side of things). This has been a bit of a burden throughout my application and unfortunately doesn't reflect my intelligence.

    I'm currently looking at enrolling on a Home Learning course to strengthen my qualification side of things. I might be deploying on Herrick 17 so time is not my friend so going back to college is out of the question.

    Any suggestions on what to qualify in etc. would be great.

    Thanks chaps!
  2. Any suggestions of what topic to study?

    Anyone been in my position and how you've gone about it?
  3. Apologies, let me explain further.

    I was a CAT 1 at briefing last year. MAP's were fine and my Group Leader stated that there was nothing to worry about on my intelligence side of things.

    However, I attempted Main Board, was unsuccessful. The first thing that was highlighted on my report was my Qualifications... Despite my MAP's being fine there.

    I come up to requirement and demonstrated this to them, yet it still doesn't seem sufficient enough?
  4. Work to your strengths. Is there a subject that you are unqualified in but actually show some aptitude for?
  5. Modern History or English Language are definitely my strengths. But that would mean retaking History. Also, I don't reckon I'll have the time to sit the examinations if I'm off on Herrick.

    I fancy myself as a bit of physical bean so I've been looking at Sports Phsycology? What I enjoy with a bit of thinking to be done. Thoughts?
  6. Hello TS

    " The first thing that was highlighted on my report was my Qualifications... Despite my MAP's being fine there.

    I come up to requirement and demonstrated this to them, yet it still doesn't seem sufficient enough? "

    1. Are you quite sure that MAPs and qualifications are the same thing ? Mental Aptitude Profile is not the same as your academic record, as the full titles make clear. Consider Aptitude as being what you're considered capable of doing, and academic record as being what you'd achieved when you rocked up at Westbury. Does your tally of GCSEs "A" levels or whatever clearly meet the points requirement ? Are you short of a specific subject, Maths, a science or Eng.Language at A-C?

    2. Take your report. Write down word for word every comment, one at a time. Consider each in depth in order to fully understand them. Grey areas? Ask someone whom you respect what they think that the comment means. Now write down against each comment the words that you want the board to write next time. Now plan how to fill the gap.


    Old Rat
  7. I come up to requirement on my GCSEs and A-Levels. I also have various BTECs and Management qualifications that bring me up to speed.

    I have dissected my debrief and my Quals seem to be the downfall. It has always come up in any interview to do with the Army.

    There's no way I could go back to Westbury without improving my academic side of things. It would look abysmal.
  8. Well if you care that much about joining then chin off Herrick 17?
    Regardless its over a year away so you could fit something in before.
  9. How old are you? Is it too late to study a degree?
  10. I'm twenty.

    A degree has never been an option. There's no subject I'd wish to commit three years and a lot of money to.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and could suggest some solid course options?
  11. If you start it with the OU before September 2012 it's free (depending on income).

    Other than improving your A Levels I don't think you have many other options. A good degree usually mitigates bad A Levels.
  12. Uni, whether it's OU or standard, is too long and too expensive.

    I'll take in on the chin and do an A-Level. I should bare well in it and at least I'll be portrayed as making an effort.

    Thanks for the advice boys.
  13. Did you even read what I said? The OU IS FREE, how can that be too expensive?
  14. I did read what you said. That's why I investigated further and it actually turns out that it now costs £5000. But thank you for the suggestion. Would be beneficial if I had the time and money.