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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by lukenobrains, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Currently in the REME as a VM, want to transfer to RMPsIs there any courses I can do that can help?I have been advised to do a course to do with bowman but they didnt say which course...Im guessing it isnt a maintainer course but I dont know to what level I would need to get?Basic bowman or...?Is there any other courses that I could do through AEC or anything?Cheers
  2. There is no such Corps as the RMPs you ignorant remf, its RMP, which stands for Royal Military Police, not Royal Military Policess.
    You wanna join my Corps get your facts right first, coz facts is what you will be dealing with. Rant over
  3. Lukenobrains if your a complete **** like the poster above.then your qualified
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  4. fdj12 if you're going to be a pedantic cock, it really would help if:

    1. You realised that "remf", being an acronym, should be spelled "REMF";
    2. You refrained from using teen speak; such as "wanna", and "coz";
    3. You threw yourself down a flight of stairs during questioning.

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  5. Monkey tosser! Why transfer to them? Just so you can get your first stripe? Have no respect for them what so ever!
  6. If you can get on t I'd imagine the Military Police Class 3 course at the Defence Cllege of Policing and Guarding would be good.

    Failing that any instr course, course bettering yourself/education or bowman woud be good. Bowman user or maintainer or even higher.

    Basically bring something to the party.
  7. fdj12;
    I asked for advice not some prick thinking he can large it over me. He doesn't know who I am, where I've been or what I've done. I might be a VM doesn't mean I stayed in Bastion for 6 months does it. We had guys out on the ground nearly every day with CLPs and BRF.

    I'm not a complete cock, or atleast I like to think I'm not. But that doesn't mean I don't have what it takes to be an RMP..

    Cheers, lol..

    I don't want to be a mechanic any more. I spent my time since tour researching different corps that interested me, and RMP is the one I have settled on. Nothing to do with getting my first stripe, who's to say I'm not a LCpl now?
    Besides the only people who don't respect the police are the ones that have generally done wrong... Or have been done wrong by them, but not all police are the same. Some may be lazy, but that doesn't mean I will be. So cheers for the abuse but it's really not needed here.

  8. Cheers mate, I'll have a word with my tiffy and see if I can get put on any bowman courses, or a ditt course or anything that I think will help better me! Will Pcoy help atall? I attend to try and jump on another whilst my paperwork is going through... That I class as a confidence course :)
  9. I doubt the REME will give you a slot on PCoy if you are transferring mate.

    Same for all courses really, be careful who and when you tell. You're a. leaving the REME and b. taking courses with yu.
  10. And that, right there, is why no-one likes a monkey.
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  11. Its not about being lazy, its about cutting around bastion big timing it pulling people over for shit reasons and doing **** all else, and that monkey was a prime example of the belters that they get in there ranks.

    If its nothing to do with getting given your rank which from your statement i doubt you have got why dont you choose a better job, they arnt police in the slightest!
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  12. Oh and a RMP monkey calling someone else a REMF haha good one bellend!
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  13. My current unit sends anyone on Pcoy as long as they are fit enough, I have already attempted it once with them knowing I wish to transfer, just failed on that damn superman jump... My bosses are pretty sound guys so hopefully I'll manage to get a few courses and stuff smashed out before leaving...

    And I know right, that right there is exactly the opposite of what I aspire to be like/what I am like. I pride myself on not being a cock. Lol
  14. No such corps as the RMP either fucktard your a branch of the AGC get your facts right because that's what I assume you try and fabricate when your investigations fail and your trying to look as a competent equal of your colleagues.

    The only way you could be of any use to the RMP is resignation and suicide. Give them something to practice investigations on.

    Op- go for it, The RMP need people who can at least attempt to communicate properly with others.

    Look to do courses which can be used for the RMP. Anything that demonstrates you can communicate written or verbally. Instructors courses etc...
  15. I am just going to get my tabs out and get comfy.

    Please continue.