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Good afternoon all

Just a quick one as I am out of the army early 2016 I am looking at what my current civvi quals
I have gained from working in the signals platoon in the infantry Can offer me in terms of employment
in Civvi street i have done some research, but the advice from ex servers or current servers would
shed a lot more light on this.

The qualifications I hold at the moment are :

IT & Telecoms BTEC Level 2
ICT Systems & Principles BTEC Level 2
ICT Systems & Principles BTEC Level 3
Management BTEC Level 3

The management was from my FTCC

Thanks in advancee
Just a suggestion if obviousy your planning the IT/Telecoms route (you might be already aware) that BT Openreach deal with a fair amount of service to civvy street transitions and the company website or Focus or civvy street magazines could well be your source of up to date info.

lastly, might be worth posting this in both RS Forum section & don't forget Armynet forums to narrow your focus & widen your response.

Hope the above info helps and all the best in your transition period.


War Hero
All the best with it mate i jumped ship in 2009.

Serious note have you thouggt of becoming a train driver?

No previous experience or quals required and most companies have a hardon for ex mil. Mine have just announced they are recruiting trainees into 2016


Appreciate the advice lads and yes it has helped, however I will be living in Gibraltar after I leave so I wont have the likes of BT to go to :(

I have been looking up UK jobs and that just to help me.

I am applying for a lot of GOV jobs like prison service, Customs, Borders.

But yes IT would be great

Computer Maintenance Engineer (CompTIA A+)
Network Security and Forensics: Module 1

I am looking at attending these courses to boost my knowledge in the IT world for my resettlement.

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