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Im currently on a sharpshooter course with my regular unit, i have asked if it will go on my JPA ect and all i got was blank looks. I know we dont have the 7.62 rifle in the TA but i would like to know if courses that i do while mobilised gets transfered to my p file or on a deployment record. Will they record it on my JPA.

Also others will be on Jackel courses and Pashto language courses will they be able to have those ticks in the boxes when they demobilise.

Edited to add my Units sps clerks don't really know how to handle the TA soldiers paperwork and allowances well as we mobilise for a year and go bk to our parent unit.
yeak i know that its just if i was going to get a qualification like on a certain vehicle would it go on JPA, Would the sharpshooter course go on a record of some kind for when i get back
While you are mobilised you are on their held strength so should be administered in the same way as a regular.

While you are mobilised you are on their held strength so should be administered in the same way as a regular.

sometimes thats the problem, the Clerks were puzzled that i had two records, one of TA record plus unit pay and One regular and they didnt know which one to put my allowances into. Lucky that another clerk worked at chilwell as a posting so sorted things out but even the most simple things seems to get under the skin.
Be honest. All you want it for is to large it up when you get back to your TA unit. Just take loads of photos with it and play the big un to your hearts content. Besides as said above you won't be using the sharpshooter rifle or drive a jackel when you get back so don't worry. If i was you I would spend more time worrying about your drills than mithering the AGC with such minor niff naff and trivia
WHT and Personal weapon allocations are recorded on JPA, for example "Wpn Trg APWT Pistol L9A1" would be on your compentencies for a WHT for that pistol, I had a very quick scout for the L129A1 and didn't actually come across anything but I'm sure there's something on there that would be recorded ; even if it was just under external learning.
To be honest six months after your back you no longer will be allowed to handle that particular weapon unless you get a new WHT which would be doubtful, same as driving in theatre vehicles, in 12 months( i think) they should technically be crossed out on your fmt600 until youve completed further fam training. Plus other courses such as DZ commanders, team medic, Trim councilling etc... are only valid for 12 months (TRiM has 2 years on cert). If you deploy again you will have to complete the relevant courses/fam training again.
The sharpshooter course will appear on your JPA as long as someone inputs it. What pashto course are you doing? If it is the 1 week patrol course it won't.


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"While you are mobilised you are on their held strength so should be administered in the same way as a regular."

Should being the operative word...

They won't of course so unless you get a certificate, if they can be bothered doing the paperwork for that, then you're stuffed.

The likelihood of anything being recorded diminishes in proportion to the value to yourself of the course.
There are a lot of changes going on with JPA and the OLM database which is where training history is meant to be recorded - currently this is being misrecorded under competencies which is more to do with career than trg. I only know as I had to do a review on IPDT last year and this was a huge area of concern, esp with coroners asking for training history records to check competency and currency, as the Army have not been recording it correctly. For example if you go on OPTAG as an Individual Augmentee your attendance is not recorded anywhere on JPA. JPA was rolled out too quick and people not adequately trained, and even then they are not looking at installing a new piece of software - DTM to record training even though JPA OLM can do this job. In short keep your certificates, if the Reg unit you were with do not input it keep hassling your own unit.
FWIW I did a rigger/ marshaller course, while I was mobilised, and it is recorded on my JPA profile.

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