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Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by oldcolt, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find out a complete course information list that gives FULL joining instructions (any rank/ age restrictions etc) and is IN DATE!!!!

    I'm re-joining the TA after an 8 year gap having previously served for 11 years. I want to do some courses/ get promoted before the old legs/ lungs give out but cannot find a list of what is open to me and what restrictions apply on ArmyNet, except for some courses that seem to have been run in 2004 or earlier in a couple of cases! HELP PLEASE!
  2. I've been out a couple of years now (so I will be a bit out of date) but I think a few things have changed since you left.

    Firstly, each college/school/training establishment produces their own course list for the year - usually by DIN (used to be DCI). So there isn't really a consolidated list. The ones I used to deal with had the rank/experience/quals requirements as part of each course detail.

    Secondly, most courses are limited to the number of people attending by the course sponsor (who pays for the course), therefore, only people who actually need the training can get a place on the course. Usually, the requirement for that particular course must be part of your CEG or is mentioned on your job spec as a requirement. Sports courses are slightly different.

    Most of the 'good' courses (by that I mean those with associated quals that can be used in civvy street or are generally just really useful) are usually oversubscribed and you can end up waiting for ages (provided of course, that you have successfully convinced tour CoC to let you go on it in the first place).

    The DIN list is the best place to start.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your SPSI.

  4. Thanks Bonzo and MSR.
    I had already tried DIN's without success and don't want to nag my PSI anymore than I and a few of the lads currently are about some other issues we have at my Unit (also, we ought to be able to use Army Net as it was intended and make such requests for information via Arsse etc, unecessary)

    I know its probably too much to expect the army to put everything a soldier might need in one logical spot but, surely, when you click on a site like ArmyNet, you should be able to find out what information you need with relative ease and minimum effort and expect it to be up to date?
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  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    First - have you actually fully rejoined yet? Paperwork done, CMSR (TA) completed? If not, don't be surprised that people are not falling over themselves to give you course information. Many fail to complete, many more jack soon after rejoining because it was "not how it used to be". They may want to see you back and working for a time before they invest too much effort in finding courses for the future.

    If you have done, then ask for an interview with the Pl Comd or PSI (however you run it at your unit) as they will give you clear direction about what courses you need, and equally importantly, which courses they want you to go on. The PSI will the dig out the course details for you.

    It is hard enough to manage careers and courses within the TA without every single soldier running wild and loose on the courses book and deciding that they must attend the next underwater knife fighting course, or that they need to be the 18th PTI in their unit instead of the only SAA Inst (that the unit desperately needs).

    There is a chain of command, and it is responsible for career management, which includes courses. Use it.
  7. msr

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  8. I hear what you say Duke and have sympathy with the underwater knife fighting Walts' brigade point but, chain of command doesn't always work well in the many TA units. PSI's are usually really helpful but don't always have the time and, with respect, you seem to be missing my point; notably that ArmyNet is supposed to help soldiers get the information they need or would like to consider before pestering a senior rank. A quick look at any of these forum pages will verify just how good the Army is at communicating/ how well the chain of command works (weakest link and all that)

    How are soldiers expected to know what courses they want/ need if they don't know what courses are available/ unavailable to them?

    Example A: Some soldiers prefer to find out quietly what is avaialbel to them and make an informed choice about its suitability for them before asking the chain of command whether it is a possibility, thereby avoiding embarrassment/ wasting chain of commands time - more efficient for all concerned.

    Example B: A soldier wants to do a certain course but is glibly informed that he doesn't qualify for whaver reason: experience/ age/ rank fitness etc. How does that soldier check whether that information is correct without jumping seniority/ creating bad feeling/ making the senior rank look a tw#t (not usually too difficult!)?

    Case in point; on rejoining, I was interviewed by the Company 2ic who as part of my initial "what do you want to do in the TA now you're back" chat, informed me that I was too old to do senior Brecon. Looking at these pages and asking around however, this is a load of old boll#cks. Solution? ArmyNet gets itself sorted or Arrse users help to sort ot for them.

    I appreciate your comments about old wa6ys have changed and soldiers not having passed CIC yet but this detracts from the main point of my grumble: The right information, to the right people, at the right time, in an understandable format.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Honestly - Yes, the information should be more easily available, but it still does not get around the fact that courses are controlled by the unit not the individual. I would not put a recent rejoiner who has been out for 8 years onto Brecon until I had evaluated his performance, and made sure he proved himself up to scratch over a period of time, no matter how or where he got the course information.
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  10. "Ever thought that the unit might just be applying a filter system, and that someone 8 years out of date does not justify jumping to the front of the queue for Brecon, and the slots could be better given to a younger soldier with a recent proven track record?"
    If I had mentioned or implied I had wanted to jump any queues I would accept your point but that isn't what I am saying. I simply want to know what courses are open to me and which aren't. Is it wrong to want to better myself and be an asset to my unit? I regard that as part of being a good soldier.

    "I would not put a recent rejoiner who has been out for 8 years onto Brecon until I had evaluated his performance, and made sure he proved himself up to scratch over a period of time, no matter how or where he got the course information."
    If I was in a position of similar seniority, neither would I but then, again, that's not what I am asking for. I DO, however, want to know if, in, say, 3 years time, I am at the required standard to go on, for example, senior brecon, whether I will still be in with a shout of such a promotion course OR, if not due to age etc, would my time be better spent getting some time in on a tour for example?

    However to take your point further, as a humble grunt, I would expect those who take the pay and are expected to have the intelligence, honesty and leadership qualities that goes with that rank to a) have the balls to admit when they don't know the correct answer and/ or b) have the integrity and man management skills to tell a soldier that he is not suitable to go on a course becasue of x,y,z rather than try to fob him of with a load of b*ll*cks.

    Apart from his obvious lack of knowledge/ integrity already outlined, as the particular officer in question's girth could double as a BFT route, I have little faith in his abilities to lead by example and consequently am seeking help through the good offices of ARRSE!