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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ssjmawson, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering what courses and competitions UOTC cadets can take part in. Finally left the ACF by the way, so does that make me an ex-cadet Nazi now? :lol:
  2. There's various inter-OTC competitions; King George VI for the gunners, Ex UTOPIAN VAGABOND for RAC, etc.

    Then there's Cambrian Patrol, which is (iIrc) NATO's premier patrolling competition. Most OTCs send a team, I think, but this takes place at the same time as MTQ1 and 2 training, so you might not be able to take part until your third year.

    As a member of the TA, you're entitled to go on pretty much any course the Army runs - all OTCs will have the details about these. But there is the issue of whether there's space, whether the people running the course think it's worthwhile to take an OTC ocdt, etc etc. Don't count on getting on courses like that.

    The OTCs all (I think) run extensive AT programmes over the summer; CUOTC does skiing (at Easter and Christmas), skydiving, kayaking, trekking (this year, in the USA and Greenland), an exchange with the US ROTC programme and possibly another thing I've forgotten about.

    So there's plenty of courses and competitions.

    And you're still a cadet Nazi till it's beaten out of you and you stop drawing attention to your time in the ACF.

  3. Ok, cheers for the info. Btw it's so easy to get people to bite with the cadet thing... :wink:
  4. Also in addition to KGVI (RA), Utopian Vagabond (RAC), you've also got Lightning Strike (R Sigs), Graduate Warrior (Infantry), Minley (RE). The REME organise a competition weekend and for those fortunate to be a member of one of the Celtic UOTC's....

    Northern Lights!

    On the courses front your PSI's should be able to get you on DIT (MOI), BCD, SA Coaching and other Military courses in addition most AT courses are availiable from SMP to MEL.

    Anything else you need to know PM me.
  5. And then of course there's the two places for UOTC cadets they have on 21 & 23 selection every six months.
    The SAS have had a special place in their hearts for UOTC cadets ever since that exercise in Cyprus back in '96 when the ULOTC's JUO guns single-handedly saved an entire Sabre Squadron from an IRA ambush.

    Contact the relevant SAS recruiting hotline and make sure you mention that story to book your place!
  6. Most courses that feature in the courses handbook (DCI on all arms courses). Some will be trade/post/rank specific, but for example if you want to do any AT, driving or watermanship cses then just fill in the form and apply.
  7. Can I get holf of an online version of the course handbook? Or is it just on paper?
  8. you need to see your PSI for this.
  9. Oki, will do.
  10. You need to know what a PSI is first preferably, and actually have one

  11. Ahh, foiled again! Good point mongoose :D
  12. Anybody know how much driving i can do? I'm planning on joining the RAC wing of CUOTC and i already have B,B1,F,K and P but i want to get loads of experience and pass as much as i can. I'd love to do my minibus licence, anyone know if i can???
  13. Methinks you have to be over a certain age to get minibus? (You thinking of going back and helping out with the acf by any chance?)
  14. Minibus - Over 21 and you have to get PCV to carry cadets these days or you could do MiDAS training (look it up on the net) which costs you naff all.

    You wont get it in your first year, will have to get the basic out of the way first.
  15. If you're good enough to join the RAC wing we'll take you. But it's not all about driving. We've been playing Recce for the past few terms. Minibus you can get under 21 as it's for army. What you need is to commit the time and effort to OTC and be prepared to go off when there is a course available. If you don't turn up much your chances of getting a driving course are somewhere around zero.