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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Again an easy question with an obvious answer I would assume.

    Anyone else by the way starting to think that it is reall yembarrassing that so many people come on here to ask questions when they are obviously not getting the information they need from their SPSIs/PSAO? Maybe a good start would be to sort them out.....

    Anyway, enough whingeing. I wanted to know if there was a course list anywhere on line which would show which courses in lieu people of various ranks would be allowed to take part in? Preferanly along with a description of the course?
  2. that would be far too simple and a workable idea for everybody involved. as far as i know, to find the eligible courses, you need a good psi to search the various publications for you. unfortunately there are very few guarantees on various courses actually happening at the moment but you might as well bid for them and keep your fingers crossed. if you do not have a good psi then the very best of luck to you.
  3. That depends on the psi then. Oh dear, i am well and truly buggered. As much as mine talk about being really closely linked to the needs of the TA, they seem to sit around and achieve very little on our behalf.
    Which is a shame, as when you have another job as well, unless you can take time off work to get in during the week and sit down with them to go through stuff, they just aren't interested in doing it on your behalf. and forget Tuesday night.
    Hey ho, will have to just struggle along
  4. Be wary of course dates if you're looking to do a course in Lieu...

    Royal Signals Tp Comd's cse is in March... two weeks at Blandford on the beer, great!

    EXCEPT... being in March it doesn't count towards your following years commitment, but IS inside your employment holiday year (for most people).

    If you are a 1st yr Subbie you'll have done 3 weeks at the factory... camp with your unit if you are keen, and then two weeks at RSS... Following on you may ask for some leniency to actually go and spend some quality time with the people you love and the answer is "tough f*'ing luck, it's a new training year.. take a reduced camp and pray that nothing else comes along in 5 years or you're minus bounty.... BUt, of course if you don't do a full camp it'll look bad for you in front of the troops... etc etc...


    That's an Officer example but it works just as well with any courses booked through the TA.

    In other words, always think of the consequences to your life/work balance of any courses you do and plan well ahead.
  5. How heartening to know that irrespective of rank, everyone gets turned over just the same.
    It brings a warm glow to my heart.......

    Still, it could be worse, being a siggie, the course I have been told I am now going on (because I couldn't make camp) is a course on "site hygiene" OR "how and where to dig holes for others to sh*t into and then how to burn away other people's sh*t". But hey, I get an extra £1.20 a day if I ever get mobilised. Apparently.
  6. the psi's are there to do a job, which also includes getting YOU your courses, if they are not doing their job then have a word through your chain of command to tp ldr/ pl comd and get him to have a word with them, thats his job too. ultimately your psao can help too if things are getting really bad.
  7. Unit enviromental health duties course by any chance?????? boring course early knock offs lots of drinking and good looking medic types though!!
  8. There are, literally, hundreds of courses potentially available to you. The issue, however, is likely to be a local one - you unit will want you to do a course which will directly benefit them as a course in lieu. That means that, although you could get booked onto that underwater basket weaving course that you have been dying to do, I suspect your OC is unlikely to accept it as a valid course in lieu.

    Good Luck.
  9. In TA Regs, it says 'Attendance by officers and soldiers at approved courses or exercises/attachments in the period 1 January to 31 March may, if authorised by the Div/Dist or Regional Bde Commander, count as attendance in lieu of the annual in camp or out of camp training commitment for the following training year.'

    So if you did a course in Jan this year, and had done camp last year, you can get auth for that course to count for 06/07 in camp training. For Bde Commander read Ops Maj. If they have loaded you onto the course it should be a done deal.
  10. Yes, can concur that it is possible for attendance to be carried forward to the following training year to count towards your bounty :)
  11. Right, the good looking medic types and drinking may have just sold me on the course rather than going and whineing to my psi. Maybe he does have a father after all.....
  12. Hi Mercedis... Nice Avatar... :D

    Where is this in TA Regs? I've looked for that specific paragraph but can't find it.

    I'm going to get this sorted now just out of principle!

  13. Para 2.098, subsection c refers. Your PSAO/Ops Maj should have been on the ball with this one. It will need a letter to Glasgow in order for them the make it count as in-camp for 2006/07. If they do not action the bounty for 06/07 will be an issue but will sort itself out in good time. My advice to a YO in a similar situation would be, camp is out the way for this year, well done. If you can make it onto the main ex phase of camp that will be good and if you have any other time book yourself some AT (Corps sailing week in October).