Courses for Ptes??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by The_Cheat, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Ok, having been told that I could get an acting rank of Lcpl to do a DITS and then PTI's course I've now ben told that I'm to junior...

    Needles to say, The Cheat is miffed!!

    Can any one think of any good courses I can do? AACC crossed my mind, as did P-Coy. Any ideas?

    T C
  2. Get some fcuking time in boy and become half good in your trade before you walt off on a badge collecting spree! You've a career of 22 years ahead of you, what's the rush, don't you have any mates in your unit so you want to get away from them? WAH!!!
  3. should have put this in the first part, but I'm TA and I just want somthing to do. I've done all my MATTS etc and just want a challenge. Its not badge collecting, I just didnt join the TA to have to wait a year between courses.

    T C
  4. Good for you. Bang 'em all in. Your boss might not like it but fcuk em, make the most of it.
  5. If you're that keen sunshine, get yourself on ops and gain some real experience, helps with the promotion prospects and future courses, better still, go green full time (you'll still have to wait for courses tho) :lol:
  6. I put my name down but it looks like no one wants to dance with a TA CMT2... Believe me, I'd much rather deploy than just kick my heels around these parts, but having not heard anything since february I'm getting bored now.

    Can't do my class 1 cos I don't have enough experience, and can't deploy and get the experience cos I'm not a class 1....

    T C
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Cheat - go to your Company office tomorrow and volunteer for 49 Para - they take everyone. 8)
  8. You sound like a fit bloke, why not do some adventure training courses ? Units are always looking for instructors ?
  9. Whilst it's true that the employability of a Class 2 CMT on ops is pretty much nil, there's no shortage of generic GD posts that you could volunteer for. Many driver and clerk jobs don't require soldiers from those CEGs, but just a soldier with a clean driver's licence and/or decent IT skills. Other E2 posts crop up from time to time as well, for which the prime requirements are enthusiasm, fitness and a modicum of intelligence. Your unit Trg Offr should receive a regular breakdown of posts available, so ask if you can see it if you haven't already. If you don't see anything suitable, keep watching and ask him/her to let the CoC know of your general availability: there'll usually be something on the horizon.

    Failing that, give me a week and then PM me.

  10. Cheat,

    I know several TA ptes who have been on a dits course, as far as i am aware there is no reason why you cant get on the course as a pte if you are keen to do it. Otherwise, as mentioned there are some pretty interesting adventure training courses going. PM me if you want a list of courses available.
  11. Browndog is right. You can do DITS as a Pte (in fact there are loads of Privates on my upcoming DITS course).

    Get yourself down for that (waiting lists can be quite long depending on where you are) then wait. You'll have more 'ammunition' for getting a local tape to do a PTI course.
  12. Besides this load of crap, its nice to see that some folks have put in some comments that are useful to you, Old Skool = nowt good to say??? then STFU, be a help not a hindrance!! Also btw CNM its a 20 year career, as folks find out when they hit the residual service marker, sad but true!!

    Cheat.... best of luck, don't let slackers who think they are uber stop you from getting out of the Army everything you want to, as a rule its from the effect of the Green Eed Monster that folks will put you down and try and scupper your plans, the adventurous training courses are the best way forward for a Pte soldier to kick off their career in the instructor mold, it gives the opportunity to shine in a relaxed environment and show their commanders that they are willing to take on more responsibility. The AIPT course is a good one to get under your belt as a LCpl, then after that, you choose your own path....

    Once again, don't listen to the fools, best of luck to you, go get all you can.
  13. Why don't you try and get a couple of driving courses in, it may be a no-go, but then it's worth a try....... C and C+E shouldn't be too far fetched