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Having just got to batallion and been sent back home on summer leave i was told while i was there that there are plenty of courses i might get put on. Some blokes were saying to avoid them and some blokes were saying to get on as many as possibble. I would just like to know what peoples opinions on here are and what courses there are to go on?
I'd appreciate information on courses for infantrymen aswell :) surely two requests might get a reply ?
I would suggest the main one to focus on would be Brecon?

however as you've just arrived at your Bn you'll be at the back of the line,

Besides it's all down to what courses will improve your overal professionlism & PDR status,

Speak to your CoC for further details

and remember walk don't run (edited for sarcasm)
Ok thanks for the info. When I had my initial interview with Plt Commander he mentioned putting me on a medic course so I'll see what happens with that.
Theres alot, too many too list

off the top of my head:
assualt pioneer
Sniper cadre
P Company

The list is endless, not forgetting all the promotion courses and adventure training courses.


As your a redass mate just focus on getting your basic skills to a decent level before thinking about any courses.Then after about a year ask for a Sp wpn's cadre then after about 2 yrs ask for your JNCO cadre.
As your a redass mate just focus on getting your basic skills to a decent level before thinking about any courses.Then after about a year ask for a Sp wpn's cadre then after about 2 yrs ask for your JNCO cadre.
Ok thanks, I'm on a medics course after Canada and I've been told it's possibble I'll either go on Warrior driver or gunner before the end of the year.
Medic course is a good one to get, although I wouldn't expect to be a brain surgeon by the end!, it is pretty basic. However if you get a taste for it, you could go on to become the RMA (Or RCMT or whatever it is called now), which includes a fair bit of time in Keogh with the medic chicks... you may learn some medical stuff whilst there too :D

As mentioned above, any course that comes your way have a crack, even the pump ones. If you hoover up the pump ones you'll do several things.

One become quite qualled, and you NEVER know when that All Arms Sign Writing Course may lead to a jolly in Cyprus or similar.
Two become quite qualled, and lead you down an alley you didn't think of as a civvie/tom (ie Team Medic, Regi Medic, Paramedic).
Three you can be seen as the keen lad, and if you get good marks on pump courses and show willing, you may well be seen as a better candidate for those 'rare' and 'gucci' courses, than those who have been 'saving themselves' or worse those who got smashed and RTUd on day one of the All Arms Sign Writing Course.

I certainly look at past efforts on courses for my lads, before loading them on to others, and I know others who do too.

If you haven't got a driving licence at the moment (B licence for Cars) you may want to push towards WR Dvr rather than Gnr, as you get your B licence as you get your H (tracks ie Warrior). Sure, shooting things up sounds warry, but you can get that later if you really want it.

Don't dominate the green stuff either. Remember, you will go back over the wall soon enough. So get some courses in for civvie strasse. And as a JNCO you are higher priority to get Adv Trg quals. MLT is a good entry course, if you are built like a skinny thing with big muscles youcould do rock climbing. Parasailing etc.

MLT could enable you to get on jollies with other units such as another Bns Adv Trg to Canada/Aus/Nepal. If they need the lads with the quals they can ask other units.

Also look at sailing. Every year there is a round the world. You could be sailing in a nice warm spot, or testing your metal across the Atlantic. (trust me when I say the Atlantic crossing has been commented upon by a few pot-empolyers scanning my CV!!).

Remember you are still a sprog, so there will be times when you don't get a course becaues you are too junior, or you are seen as a riskier candidate than a more senior lad. Don't dispair, don't act like a cnut. Hang in there, and work hard.

Good luck, and remember you wont get EVERY course you want. Just try to get as many as you can.
Thanks for the advice, I've got my driving lisence as you do a crash course after CIC if you don't have it.
Now you mention it I do recall someone mentioning the driving course as a recruitention thing. Take your pick then.

If you need it contact your local AEC to beef up your GCSEs or other civvie quals.

And it is NEVER too ealry to look in to distnace learning and similar. The OU (I have studied with OU for a while and am quite biased, but there are numours distance leanring schemes out there) do 10 point dip your toe couses in a vairety of subjects. Always useful, likewise read Quest or Pathfinder for civvie plumbing/and the like couress.

You can get funding from the Army (Individual Learning Credits up to£185 a year (April to April) or Enhanced Learning Credits 3 hits of up to £1000 rising to £2000 after 7 (?) years service.
Yeah i remember been told about the £185 a year at Catterick, i'll definately put that to use. I definately want to pursue the medic route as far as i can and then i'll see what else i get a chance at after that. I'm also mad on boxing so i'm wondering if i can use the £185 a year to get my ABA coaching badges, i'll look into it they can only say no.

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