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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GeNeral_MisFiT, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Ive just been informed by my unit admin office that whilst I'm on cse for the next 6 weeks I will be charged food & accom. I can't see how this is correct as I am married. I have never been charged this before whilst attending courses so why now.

    Surely the information I have been given is wrong. I can't see how this would work for a single soldier paying 2 lots of accom charges, so why married personnel. Food yes I can understand.

    Any advice or info from pay gods is very much appreciated.
  2. Food - yes changed on 01 Jul this year, or was it Jun??

    Accommodation - No, I don't think you should be paying that. I certainly didn't when I went on my Imprest course in Aug, but would have paid food charges had it not be a PAYD Mess.
  3. Correct, for livers out, Food charge only in a non PAYD unit, no claim if PAYD, Livers in on temp duty can claim back from a PAYD unit under DS, keep those reciepts, we have to now pay for the food we eat even if on course/temp duty, however, duty meals are still paid for at core menue. 2007 DIN 02/075 dated March 2007 referes.


  4. I thought that personnel living in going on course to a PAYD unit were to have their food charges stopped for the duration of the course, not claim back their PAYD Costs :?
  5. Livers in from a DMR (food charge paying) Unit going on a course to a PAYD unit would have their food charge stopped because they would have to pay for food (cash) at the PAYD unit (and we wouldn't want them to pay twice would we!)

    Married men (or livers out) going on a course to a PAYD unit will now (from 1 Jul) have to pay for food as they eat it (PAYD). Married men or livers out going on a course to a non PAYD unit "should" have the food charge started by their own unit for the duration of the course.
  6. Thanks guys for clearing that up.... much appreciated. :D
  7. So why can they not continue to pay the core menu food charge and claim the same back, seems easy to claim under DS, EXPLAIN?
  8. It's not exactly the most efficient method of doing it though is it. Surely it is easier to stop Food for someone and then start it again when they come back.

    Also that is the method stated on my joining instructions from the 'Centre of Excellence' so it must be right :lol:
  9. Remember, you can also claim the £5.00 per day incidental allowance, and GYP (D) (if free at weekends) or LSA.
    Also, we just find out that you can claim the days towards your LSA total (but not the money) if away from your duty station for less than the 10 days needed.
  10. Claim the days ???

    How does that work then?
  11. How does it work if you are on FIA? Does your FIA continue or what?
  12. For attn LJS. They would not be entitled to DS as they are at a temporary duty station therefore not entitled to subsistence. Those who are away from their duty station for more than 5 hours but not residing at a temporary duty station are entitled to DS. The crazy scenario is that under the old system they could have been fed for free as a duty meal but now they have to pay at PAYD units or they could go and have a slap up meal and spend the £21.20!
  13. For Devexwarrior: Here is a couple of quotes from JSP 752 which you might find useful.

    03.0506. Periods of Temporary Absence. Service personnel in receipt of FIA at their permanent assignment station, and who retain their accommodation, are entitled to continued payment of the full rate of FIA for periods up to 61 days when they are:

    a. Absent on temporary assignment (but see 03.0509e); or

    b. Absent on sick or authorised absence (but not relocation, terminal, invaliding or DOMCOL absence) during an assignment.

    Additionally you would have to pay for food under this sub para.

    d. Casual Meal Charges. Service personnel in receipt of FIA are to pay the appropriate Casual Meal Charge for all meals taken in a Service messing facility. In PAYD units the FIA recipient would pay for the food they consume.
  14. Thank you
  15. Alternatavly Move and Track and tick the PAYD box, move and track back in and do not tick the PAYD box, still a pain in the hoop having to call units to find out if they are PAYD.