Courses down Deepcut

Discussion in 'RLC' started by northern-matelot, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Got to do a 2 day adqual refresher course down Deepcut next week, can anyone tell me how far it is from the trainstation (walking distance or taxi wise) and what order uniform is expected to be worn as there is no mention on the joining instructions.


  2. ECBA or OSPRAY if you are going anywhere near Deepcut is advisable!
  3. Train station is a taxi ride.

    As for uniform, go in your normal working dress and make sure it's piss-takingly Naval. Deepcut is dreadful at the best of times, so someone irritatating the 25 Trg Regt Permanent Staff screamers by cutting their own detail dress-wise might brighten people's day...
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  4. Ring the Guardroom from the station and ask them to send a jolly-boat for you.
  5. Gotcha! Wonder what they'll make of the mutton chops! ;)
  6. Cock
  7. I'm with happy_as_a_hat, give some of the 25 reg instructors something to do apart from breaking the will of the phase 2s to be in the RLC.
  8. Iam an instructor at deepcut and trust me it is not as bad as you might think Their needs come first every time as they should. You could ask them how crushed they are after they are knocked of today at 1200 hrs for a long weekend that they get every pay weekend bless them
  9. Must be frustrating...I reckon the ratio from training is 2 good blokes, 1 average bloke and 2 cocks for every 5 that get through
  10. Millionaire's weekend, a cunning plan to spread alcohol fuelled mayhem across the country, and give the sunday duty bods something to do.

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  11. Yeh plus they most probably had enough of the Naafi/Blk's being trashed on a regular basis lol
  12. bloody hell, times have changed. Do you still do the morning roll call and then area's ?
    back in the mid 90's a couple of us got away with knocking off after roll call a couple of times, then spending the morning travelling up north !!!!
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  13. Mate there is the old parade for parades and the added thing that we all did what you did so know all the tricks
  14. No pulling the wool over your eyes then, eh?
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  15. What ..even ND's ?