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Discussion in 'OTC' started by kenny_McCormickk, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Guns level 3 (No. 1)

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  2. Guns level 2 (No. 3)

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  3. CP level 2 (CP ack/ARO)

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  4. CP level 3 (CPO)

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  5. Recce level 3 (BRO)

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  6. DS (any course)

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  1. Since we have a thread for the upcoming KGVI competition i thought i would start one for courses camp. So what courses are you lot doing? which is the best? and so on and so forth.....
  2. whose doing CP ack with me then?! on the grounds that as far a i know the CP all stand around a cauldron and practice witchcraft i'm in for an interesting two weeks. am already searching for a black pointy hat!
  3. i was going to do CP ack myself but got offered the job of DS-ing on the guns level 2. If that falls through though, watch out CP geeks, two No. 1's are coming your way! THE FCA IS BEATING YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!
  4. might see if i can DS then. i'll go help on recce and point out why every plaform the potential BRO's pick is shite and give them constuctive critism with a hammer and their faces. might get some decent recce teams after that!!
  5. I've voted for ds'ing but the only thing I shall be instructing in, is the running of the bar. As for PTI's comments, what about the radius rule you fool.????

    Bandroles at dawn anytime.
  6. the radius rule can only be applied if there is somewhere better to go within 10 metres, problem is the better platform is usually in the next field over the road.
  7. I would let you in to the next field, if you asked nicely, I even let you chose what time you deploy . Im just all give give give. 8)
  8. I'm currently on the CP Ack course as a reserve, deep joy. Bring on the FOOs!

    It seems as though everyone is wanting to play at CPO, giving us a chance to mess other people around for a change.
  9. Much as I adore you Mutt, I just think your ego won't fit in the tent. And also, you're not jack enough.

    Bend, Over.
  10. OP ack anyone? anyone? bueller?
  11. Anyone who is in Leeds gun troop could you please P.M me.
  12. OP ack for me.

  13. What's all this row-locks about OCdts DSing on gunnery courses, silly people. Its a way of conning you into working for Beasty-boy...

    No courses for me this summer (oh how I weep), I'm away doing proper university courses.
  14. Look, I'm sure that with a bit of practice I can be lazy, incompetant and panicky too.

    'Shot, Over', 'Shut Up'

  15. sshhhhhhh :wink: