Courses Booklet for 145 BRTU (Specialist Training Team)

As of Apr 06 145 BRTU (Specialist Training Team) based in Aldershot, will be known as 4th Division Regional Training Centre South East (RTC (SE)).

The new Courses Booklet is out now for 2006/2007

If you would like a compressed PDF copy (666mb) sent an email to or PM this account giving an email address.

Alternatively, if you would like a hard copy please ring 01252 340 121 if you get the answer machine leave a message with your name and postal address. If that number doesn’t work try 01252 351 900.

Course including:

Comand Leadership and Management Training (CLM (V))
Combat Marksmanship Coaching Qualification (CMCQ)
Range Management Qualification (RMQ)
Dismounted Close Combat Training (DCCT)
Defence Instructional Techniques (DITS)
Battlefield Casualty Drills Training (BCDT)
Casualty Simulation (CASSIM)
Hazardous material Driver (HAZMAT)
Assistants Chemcial Biological Radical and Nuclear Conversion (ACBRN Conv)
Chemcial Biological Radical and Nuclear Operators (CBRN Op)
Chemcial Biological Radical and Nuclear Assistants (ACBRN)
Land Navigation (LN)
Map Marking (MM)
Potential Office Training (TAPO)
Recruit Training (RT)

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