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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrsCurious, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, just out of curiosity. Is it possible for a soldier from a none airborne unit to apply and do the p-coy course? I would ask the question at my TAC but cant seem to get hold of the right people at the moment. Any help would appreciated and sorry if its been asked before and i've missed it.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Short answer No.

    P.S. I suspect the long answer is also no.
  3. Generally speaking you would have to transfer to an airborne unit, check out the local units websites and call them direct for advice, your own unit won't help.
  4. Oh Well thanks anyway.
  5. Out of curiosity, are you male? and what cap badge are you?
  6. MrsCurious?

    Think it'd be a definate no
  7. No Im Mrcurious didnt realise the wife had left herself logged in, and as for my capbadge im from an infantry unit :D
  8. I was pondering this myself a while back - quite simply, you will need to transfer to an airborne unit. Whereabouts are you? I'm hopefully going to transfer to 299 Para RE in Wakefield when my personal circumstances allow me to focus more time on the TA.
  9. No..No..No..NOOOOOO. This question keeps coming up over and over. If you want to be Airborne...join an Airborne unit. SIMPLE.
  10. You should get a joint login. Could I suggest 'Bicurious'?
  11. Although there are students in the OTC who have done some sort of 'taster' P Coy course and who have been seen sporting red berets. They are not (AFAIK) Para Reg sponsored
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The OTC students have attended "Ex Airborne Student" run by P Coy staff in Catterick. It consists of a build up phase and then TA All Arms P Coy - exactly the same as the 4 Para one. A pass on Ex A.S. means they do not have to do P Coy again if they transfer to an airborne TA unit.

    4 Para require a P Coy pass before they will consider an application for TASO from an OTC student. Whether they can wear the maroon beret at their OTC without being Para Regt sponsored is an issue between them and their CO.
  13. Does look very odd though, an OTC capbadge on a maroon beret!